Born in New Delhi (India) on February 15, 1981 and adopted and raised by Francesco Morabito and Luisella Borra in the north of Italy. Ray (Rajeev) Armando Morabito known commonly by R. Armando Morabito, is an Electronic / World Music Producer, Songwriter and Director, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ray began his musical journey at the age of 5 studying classical piano. In high school, he began composing his own music and also worked as a model for CK Underwear, Asics’ Onitsuka Tiger, and Oakley. After graduating from the University of Turin in Italy with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Sciences of Visual and Figurative Arts, Music, and Fashion, at the age of 24 he moved to London (UK) for 5 years obtaining his Masters in Filmmaking / Directing from the London Metropolitan University. He also received a diploma in Screen Acting / Performing Arts from the London Academy of Media, Film & TV, and an Associates certificate from The London International Film School.

r-armando-morabito-400In 2013 after moving to Los Angeles, CA he co-founded MG Music Int’l with his wife, cellist and composer Tina Guo. The production company specializes in epic cinematic music in all genres for TV, Film, Video Games, and Trailers.

Ray Armando Morabito’s debut album “Days of Tomorrow” was released on December 25, 2014 and is available on all the major digital downloading platforms. Physical CDs will be available from February 2015. The electronic world music album features collaborations with some of the world’s finest musicians, including award winning singer and songwriter Lisbeth Scott, Malukah, and Tina Guo.

Passion, power and a sense of longing comes through like a beautiful rose on a mahogany table, right from the first track, “One More Time” (ft. Makulaka & Tina Guo). That R. Armando Morabito is a master Artisan at the top of his craft, is clear from the very first bars of music.

“Dominion” (ft. Julie Elven), is a strong, deep and intense track. Its incisiveness and emotional charge recalls the unforgettable works of Vangelis.  Many songs on this album really take you into world where music meets the spirit and the soul. “Anārya” (feat. Lisbeth Scott)” is one of the most beautiful songs I listened to, with its evocative and poetic melody. It really reaches out to touch your senses as most tracks from album do; you will never get tired of listening to it.

Try turning off the light and taking a deep breath before listening to “Rising Force” (ft. Tina Guo); you will realize that the emotional feelings it evocates, delivers huge energy charges to your abdomen that is immediately channeled into the reflective subconscious of your mind.

Exploring the beautifully structured electronic-based music of R. Armando Morabito is like being on a hypnotic trip to fantasyland. From deep melancholy to high energy -as exemplified on tracks like “Sea of Atlas” (ft. Julie Elven & Tina Guo) and “Angel” (ft. Julie Elven)  –“Days of Tomorrow” will make you cry and fly at the same time. The album is packed with mood changing pieces of ambient art, and soaring cinema-like soundscapes, from start to the end.

From the very moving and emotional “Legend” (ft. Aya) to the pulsating rhythms of “Hydra” (ft. Julie Elven & Tina Guo) and “Soul Fire” ( ft. Tina Guo) , R. Armando Morabito will leave you breathless and endlessly pressing replay!

Armando Morabito proves himself to be a master at blending highly complex layers of instrumentation and sound, consisting of world music, voices, electronic beats and orchestral-type arrangements. There is so much in each song that even after many listens you will still hear new things. If you thrive on intellectually and emotionally stimulating listening, try “Days of Tomorrow” by R. Armando Morabito. It’s much like listening to a film.


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R.Armando Morabito’s personal thoughts on “Days of Tomorrow”:

R. Armando Morabito
R. Armando Morabito

“I chose the title “Days of Tomorrow” to reflect this album being the first step towards a series focus on music for the first time in my life. Until two years ago, I had been directing commercials and music was only a hobby. Meeting my wife Tina inspired me to really pursue my composing seriously. We actually met for the first time when I contacted her to record on a song of mine. As our relationship progressed, I composed many pieces of music dedicated to her and these are the earliest tracks for this album. It was a pleasure and honor working with all of the guest artists for “Days of Tomorrow”. Julie Elven’s angelic voice is featured on four of the songs, I wrote “One More Time” specifically with Malukah’s unique and beautiful vocals in mind and having Lisbeth Scott sing on “Anarya” was a dream come true as I’ve been a long-time admirer of her music and voice on so many soundtracks. I feel like I’ve found a certain sound and style in my own writing while working on this album. I’m a huge fan of EDM, and I love blending that style with cinematic music. I really appreciate and am humbled by the support I’ve received from wonderful fans all over the world in such a short time. I hope that you enjoy the music and thank you for believing in me. There will be much more to come! – Ray Armando Morabito


More R. Armando Morabito milestones:
r-armando-morabito-400bRay has directed commercials and promotional videos for Audi, Levi’s, Kodak, Ferrero, Elena Mirò, and BBC Television. He also composed soundtracks for films and commercials throughout Europe and America. Ray’s short film “Eternal Love” -which he wrote, directed, and scored -was inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s painting from the collection of The National Gallery of London.

Ray opened his marketing and advertising firm in 2009; the Italian-based agency worked with its clients in brand development, business strategy, and viral marketing.

Ray has provided music for the 2014 Mercedes S-Class Video, Activision Call of Duty®: Ghosts MTX 4, and the Trailer for feature film “The Best Offer.” On television, his music can be heard on NHL Rivals, WWE Smackdown, WWE Monday Night Raw, MLB Mission October, NASCAR The Day, Inside the PGA Tour, Road to Ferrari, and Against the Odds.

Ray and Tina are also involved in philanthropy with the American Humane Society and ChildFund International; their other endeavors include Real Estate, Business, and Private Investments.