Al-Fatir: “Love Don’t Live Here” – rises way above a lot of other hip hop out there today

Connecticut recording artist Al-Fatir releases his long awaited project “Love Don’t Live Here” via This 8-track journey looks at love in many a way; twisting the very definition at times. Unique production from Allen Ritter and fellow Tribe Worldwide members Aviles, ZVLU, and Jaynez allow Al-Fatir to paint parallels of the topic through hip-hop in a manner only he can. From aggression to desperation with a dynamic range of vibes, Love Don’t Live Here is sure to give the listener a worthy experience.

Al-Fatir definitely has the skills to hang with some of the best rappers of today. Being somewhat unorthodox in his approach, he definitely doesn’t disappoint with his originality. “Love Don’t Live Here” keeps a consistent tone and attitude throughout as we are exposed to his explicit reality. Eyebrow amazing, the production perfectly fits his style and is hypnotic and addictive. The guests, Jaye Michelle and Front Page are along for the ride and don’t fall behind at all.

ALFATIR-400The superior songs seem to be “Fake Love [Prod. Zvlu]”, “I Do [Prod. Allen Ritter]”, “Pairadice [Feat. Front Page + Jaye Michelle][Prod. Aviles]”, “Unsaid [Prod. Aviles]” and “Wxlf [Feat. Jaye Michelle][Prod. Aviles]” but every track is at least worth 5 stars. Al-Fatir has managed to release an album that’s worthy of repeated plays and should not be slept on in the least.

Al-Fatir is on top of his game here, while each Producer creates a sonic palette full of interesting instrumentation and an overall organically-sounding, easy-going vibe which suits Al-Fatir perfectly. This creates some good music that rises way above a lot of other hip hop out there today.

If you don’t know Al-Fatir this is a great way to get introduced. On the other hand if you already know him, you will love this album. And even If you don’t like rap, you will enjoy this album anyway. “Love Don’t Live Here” is like fresh air on the stale hip hop scene. The tracks are smart and eclectic.

Al-Fatir not only steps over many in the game right now he also lets everyone know their time is up. Rap music has been suffering for years because the only way to be a rapper is to copy everyone else’s success. Al-Fatir takes a different route while everyone is trying to be overly bombastic and in your face backed by shallow Euro-Dance beat productions. Al-Fatir showcases his skills along with excellent organic production to match his nuances and lyrical connections, proving that his intelligence is through the roof because he does it all so effortlessly!


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