Dr.Wiggs pushes and challenges the listener to new heights!

Dr.Wiggs is a 19 year old artist from Chicago who resides in Kansas City while attending College. He loves all types of music, but likes to produce Hip-Hop, R&B, Instrumentals, Pop, and some EDM. Dr.Wiggs is influenced by Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Metroboomin, 808 Mafia, as well as Chief Keef, surprisingly.

drwiggs-cartoonfaceOnly occasionally does an upcoming independent Rap artist manage to pull off incorporating the sounds of underground electronic music without stripping it of its creative vitality but only its most overplayed and commercially accessible conventions. If you need creativity and catchy conflict; something that is not fully appreciable with a single listen, something that doesn’t just play to the trends. The usual pop music framework simply cannot produce this kind of music -it is a prototype that happens to not only include artists, but artistry itself.  Dr.Wiggs’ music is a positive revelation for exactly that reason.

Dr.Wiggs does not tone down his most confrontational and boundary pushing aspirations in favor of more accessible tunes. He sticks to the underground avenue that fully transcends the mainstream music framework and yet his songs have a catchy edge. With tracks like “Where’s My Wallet”, “Got That Loud”, “No More KC”, and “Got That Keef” he displays the balls to experiment and break the cycle of rehashed ‘over and over’ type of hip-hop music. While on others like “Heal Your Heart (feat. Denisha Boston & Marcus Patrick)”, “Thirty Three”, “Hold My Back While She Twerk Me” and “Main Chick (Feat. BoyBoii A.T.)”, the hypnotic vibes breathe and grow, eventually sinking into your soul.

drwiggs-cartoonOn “Wake Up Again” he combines the experimental and the catchy creative edginess, as it tweaks the ear with Dr.Wiggs’ personal truths. Compared to many other indie hip hop releases, this stuff this is innovative…almost revolutionary.

These are perhaps ambitious productions for a nineteen-year-old, but the juxtaposition of intelligent beats, thoughts, samples, and lyrics are amazingly interesting. The lyrics are crude, nasty and sometimes philosophical. Layered on top of very well thought out production beats which are experimental, smart and groundbreaking. Dr.Wiggs pushes and challenges the listener to new heights, making them think and hear and see things in alternative ways. The rhymes are just as wild, thought-provoking and at times even hilarious as Dr.Wiggs wastes no words.

Dr.Wiggs has built an impressive catalog that is diverse in its production and themes. The twelve tracks on his album Dr.Wiggz, Vol. 1”, marks an artistic evolution for people who are tired of pop fodder for the masses. Here Dr.Wiggs delivers a summary of the uncompromising, uncomfortable, in your face form of urban expression known as Hip-Hop!


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