T-Zank has shared the stage with several notable acts including Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, Rittz and Taylor Gang. He is committed to making an impact not only through his music, but also through his brand and message. He has dealt with personal shortcomings, doubt, and health issues that have threatened his ability to make music. However, his drive, perseverance, and a refusal to succumb to negativity has motivated T-Zank to come out on top every time. The message in his music is one that everyone can relate to: Move forward with what you truly love and never quit.

T-Zank is also known for his coordinated and high-energy performances and his ability to connect with crowds. He brings the same passion to each performance whether it is for a sold out audience or a group of local fans.


T-Zank recently released a new album, “Authority of the Soul”, built upon the concept of the human soul and realizing its potential in a lifetime. This is a repeat listen album. It took a good couple of spoonfuls before it hit me, and once you’re open to this album the hits go straight to the stomach.

There is nothing a rap or hip-hop lover cannot adore about this album. The arrangements are complex and amazingly sophisticated; no one song sounds like the other. There are great beats and a wonderful variety of tempos and feel to each song.

Lyrically the 12 songs on the album speak clearly, as it relates to the personal growth of today’s common man. T-Zank recreates but improves upon the style of what can be considered a concept album and comes up with something completely unique. It’s a formula that needs no tweaking.

This album never lumbers, it never gets stuck, it flows, it never rests in one place too long. This is the beauty of the creativity T-Zank has used here. Lyrically, his concrete narrative is as real as they come. A master lyricist and seeker of enlightenment, he brilliantly twists words into empowering, incisive, and thought provoking flows.

“Authority of the Soul” is powerful in what it says, supercharged by the production and put over the top by the way these two aspects play off of each other. The album drills into the mind of the listener, forging the idea that something powerfully positive is coming out of the mouth of the T-Zank.

There isn’t a song on there I would skip. The wordplay and lyrics are some of his best I have heard this year. T-Zank’s flow just grabs you and the content speaks to anyone. The album is simply wonderful to listen to, and if you have doubts, put it on repeat. The picks of the bunch, for me, include “Who Are We”, “Choose To Drive”, “Show Em Wassup”, “Who I Am Feat. KCane MarkCO”, “That’s Truth”, “Hungry Feat. Stevie Stone” and “Patience”. But each song has a meaning and the beats play a major part in manifesting T-Zank’s vision and charisma.

T-Zank’s storms onto the scene with a very impressive album this time around.  If you are already familiar with T-Zank, you know he is definitely a highly skilled emcee and this album needs to belong to your collection!