Album – Ian C Bouras Puts Together ‘Pieces of the Past’

This week confirmed rumors that Ian C Bouras was releasing a new album named ‘Pieces of the Past’. Already causing a buzz online, the New York City musician, producer and guitarist has put together some of his best pieces of the past. This marks the name perfectly for this compilation album.

With Ian’s past releases boasting a plethora of rave reviews, this new CD is set to make tidal waves amongst his fans and the music industry. The album is set to be released in May.

As a previously nominated top artist by the Billboard magazine, Ian C Bouras has an impressive background as a musician and artist. Starting off in 2004, as a main guitarist and songwriter in NYC rock/raggae band ‘AñaVañA’, Bouras proved his talents by showcasing multiple musician roles.

Proficient in many genres, Ian has played and recorded in a range of genres of music including rock and Reggae. Not frightened to wander off track, he has also ventured into more alternative styles like dub, electronic and Spanish guitar style.

Several songs on ‘Pieces of the Past’ are supported with positive reviews by music critics and industry professionals:

“Ian C. Bouras creates cinematic, instrumental songs with embellishments of jazz, avant-garde, experimental, contemporary instrumental, and new age infusions that are almost indescribable. The tunes bring together classic guitar stylings with a reggae beat and electronic elements …pleasant and inventive…5 out of 5 stars” — Matthew Fross

“best described as ambient electronica with elements of pop-jazz and dubwise reggae and the inclusion of some Spanish and classical guitar…a haunting, eerie, dusky mood…a likable, noteworthy contribution to ambient electronica.” — Alex Henderson

“unusually moody feel…a little eerie, without being full-on scary…haunting instrumental…a breath of fresh air” — Dan MacIntosh

In recent years Ian has produced his records under SDMP Records. This was seen as a major progression in his career as a solo artist. SDMP have developed a reputation for signing well sought after musicians, who produce and showcase real talent. They cater for varied styles which further suits Ian’s broad range.

Free downloads and track previews are available from


Educated with an audio engineering degree, Ian Charles Bouras is a guitarist and producer, who plays diverse musical styles from New York City.

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