Nuclear Winter’s “Toxic Offerings” CD has a unique sound that involves blending the pleasurable aspects of a broad spectrum of musical styles that will lead you on a sonic adventure designed to be pleasing to the Brain and uplifting to the Spirit. All through History we have been bombarded with that same old lie ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” True believers realize the absurdity of that statement because, until The WORD SAID “Let there be Light”, there was no possibility for pictures.

First, there had to be a canvas to paint the picture on, and paint, to create the picture with. All the ancient texts from every Culture state that “The Word said” or “The Bell rang” or the “Chant” brought creation into existence. Even scientist call it a “Big Bang”. It’s all about sound. Vibrations. We and everything around us are fabricated from sound. Frequency. Vibration. To cease to vibrate is to cease to exist. To walk in Harmony with the Vibrations of Creation is Eternal !

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