JAAH: “Rollin Stonerr” keeps a consistent tone and attitude

JAAH is an independent Hip Hop, Rap Singer-Songwriter, out of Wichita, Kansas. JAAH has premiered the tracks “Flick MY Biic” and “Rollin Stonerr”, from the “Stonerr Anthem” EP, coming soon. Featuring NFKMusic in Kansas, Reefer GVNG in Kentucky and Kombakt Beatz Productions in Italy, JAAH spreads some Cannabis awareness narrating true events, taken from his personal story.

jaah-stonerr-400bJAAH definitely has the skills to hang with some of the best rappers of today. Being somewhat unorthodox in his approach, JAAH doesn’t disappoint on his latest track. “Rollin Stonerr” keeps a consistent tone and attitude throughout as we are exposed to JAAH’s blunted reality. The production perfectly fits his style and is hypnotic and addictive.

On both “Rollin Stonerr” and “Sweeter Than Honeydew” – also to be on the “Stonerr Anthem” EP – JAAH isn’t rapping about anything deep in particular, as most of the songs on the EP – in whole or in part- makes some serious references to weed experiences. However you have to love the fact he actually keeps it real and raps about real life situations, pretty much nonexistent in the main stream of hip hop these days.

Though he stays on the lyrical topics of weed and other basic materials, which may sound like a cliché to a lot of people (especially those who don’t smoke), JAAH manages to make it seem interesting with his strong personality over a lot of great, on point production.

jaah-stonerr-400He has a voice that really works well with these latest tracks, starting with “Rollin Stonerr”. He cleverly puts together his lyrics to make them flow simply throughout the song with no problem.  Very few emcees and music production mesh so well as with this.

JAAH has a certain swag and delivery that is if nothing else, refreshing. “Rollin Stonerr” offers a double treat when you have to decide to concentrate on either the free-flowing lyrical bars or the exceptional soundtrack – both are equally outstanding!

“Rollin Stonerr” is a single worthy of purchase with JAAH polishing his style and flow to perfection. The track is one smoked out ride with just enough bump and complexity to keep you coming back for more!


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