P A G E – “Sphere” is almost pure emotional manipulation

Originally from LA, but living in Berlin, there are several things P A G E does better than most electronic musicians. She doesn’t replicate herself. She always tries something new. She is neither ahead of her time, dated, or keeping up with trends: she has her own sound that is always evolving.

Her latest piece “Sphere” is a tense, unnerving and disjointed instrumental. It’s somewhat left-of-center with a vast array of industrial-type sounds. It is not just another track put out on the market for ear candy. P A G E is a little deeper than that.

All these hardcore sounds and exhilarating noises are part of a different world created by the artist. P A G E’s music can take you to places you couldn’t even imagine before you enter. Her music is almost pure emotional manipulation.

The biggest problem with “Sphere” is that on the first listen, it can seem like the least accessible piece of sonic work you’ve ever heard; to be honest, if you aren’t a serious fan of this type of music, or if you’ve never really listened to P A G E before, it’s most definitely not what you’d be expecting.

As we all know, art is based on personal taste and “Sphere” is a complex work. It’s P A G E, not a simple David Guetta remix! Even more than previous P A G E releases, this track is so intricately layered, you’ll find sounds in the track you’ve never known were there each time you listen.

The layers enhance the listening to the point where your ears become so taken by the sounds and atmosphere, you’ll find yourself zoning out and forgetting that it is without melody or conventional song structures, as in verse-bridge-chorus-verse events. If lack of simplicity or melody is your concern, then listen to Avicii instead.

Timing in at 11 minutes and 17 seconds, I’ve heard a few people ask, if P A G E is such a fantastic musician, why does she need to create such a lengthy composition. Simple, the length does nothing more than cover an immense range of emotions. Hearing this track, you will feel some of them.

The combination of industrial like sounds and electronic noises blend to add great effect with its own emotional and musical landscape. All throughout “Sphere”, P A G E takes what most of us would call ‘noise’ and sculpts it into something intensely interesting. She will assault your senses, move you and leave you wanting more…


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