Dj Scarface & 050 Boyz ft Big Prodeje: “All GuuD” – a killer production and a beat that slays!

Djing since the early 90’s with a residency on Groove Radio 103.1FM, and a residency at the best club in Hollywood, Billboard Live. Nowadays Dj Scarface spends most of his time in the studio making music. He just dropped BrickCIty2LA and is working on an EP with South Central Cartel Member, Big Prodeje, which is due to drop in Sept.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

Doing the rounds right now is Dj Scarface & 050 Boyz ft Big Prodeje – All GuuD – from BrickCity2LA. This brings the original flavor back that made gangster rap so gritty and relevant in the first place. And unlike most of the platinum puppies who think they’ve marked their territory, Dj Scarface & 050 Boyz ft Big Prodeje actually has a lot more useful and relevant social commentary that punctuates the usual commercial formula that is needed to sell records. “All GuuD” has a sort of anthem feel to it. It pumps. It grooves.

This is a dark and heavy-hitting. This is true gangsta-style authentic material. These guys are doing what they want – unfiltered. I would wager this is what their fans want. No need to preview this one, just go grab it. It’s that good. “All GuuD” is banging, and it’s better than listening to all the garbage on the radio today. This is the type of sound you can ride to, chill to, or just smoke a fat one to!

With killer production and a beat that slays on “All GuuD“, Dj Scarface & 050 Boyz ft Big Prodeje have put out a song worth our attention. The first spin of this track followed by subsequent listens, shows that these dudes are truly kings of their domain. They come with the heat and a flow infused with energy and flavor. But bottom line: they can rock a party or rock the streets – “All GuuD” is just flat out infectious!


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