Matt Coleman: “Crazy About You” – deserves five stars all the way, in all categories!

Matt Coleman is originally from Amityville, New York, but he moved to New York City to build his musical career. Coleman’s song “Love You Like I Do”, caught the attention of Tommcat Records label owner Simone Beckett, who sent the track out to 5,000 radio stations worldwide, as well as organize international distribution to 700 digital stores, and ongoing promotion and publicity to advance Coleman’s career.

Matt Coleman
Matt Coleman

Now Coleman is back with a brand new tract, entitled “Crazy About You”. If you can appreciate mature hip-hop with quality beats, a sophisticated sound, and inventive lyrics, then you need this in your life. The song is so inspirational and uplifting that you can actually feel Matt Coleman’s charisma and charm through the music.

“Crazy About You” is a well thought out song, with great lyrical flow and a fantastically sung hook. This piano-driven hip-hop tune has all the ingredients of a typical hit song. From flow, to beat and production, this track deserves five stars all the way, in all categories!

Matt Coleman
Matt Coleman

I’m not sure how long Matt Coleman has been rapping, but he sounds like a polished veteran. Coleman’s surefootedness gives the track it’s enjoyable, easy listening vibe. Though never attempting to go into deep and heavy, with over-elaborate verses, Coleman still spreads his wings and delivers a track with substance. Making “Crazy About You” a hot and exciting track to listen to.

Ultimately, what Matt Coleman achieves with this track, is make the listener, listen, while he takes hip-hop out of the exclusive box that the world wants to put it in, and lays it on the line for everybody to love and enjoy. Not just hip-hop addicts!

MORE ABOUT: Early on Matt Coleman was inspired by music through intrigue of its persuasion of emotion because some times out of curiosity he would wonder how come this song makes him cry or happy and why listen to it and how come music is so therapeutic. “My favorite artists are Vanessa Carlton and the songs from her ‘Be Not Nobody’ album,” says Coleman, “to this day it helps me cope with death and other trials and tribulations of mine. The second artist is, Cassidy. I’m a huge fan of his business sense; on how he takes situations in, capitalize on them.”


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