Shaakes: “Tasty” – Lyrically adept at talking about women and throwing game

Born in Chicago and raised in North Carolina, Joshaun Muldrow, better known as Shaakes, is an aspiring songwriter and hip-hop artist. Shaakes always wanted to be a rapper as a child, penning rhymes and rehearsing verses in his teenage years, but it wasn’t until age 17 when his older brother was killed that Shaakes decided to take his aspirations seriously.

In 2014, Shaakes moved to Hollywood, CA where he has been working to network and shop his music around the industry. His work has put him in rooms with familiar entertainers like Ludacris, Kid Ink and others. His musical peers nicknamed him Shaakes early on, but the artist himself says it’s because he is the Shakespeare of music.

shaakes-tastyShaakes has just released first major single and debut project, “Tasty”. Coming out with a vocal style that is a mash-up of Drake, Lil B, Lil Wayne and Kid Ink, the production combines hip-hop and pop sensibility from its party savvy hook to its club-banging production.

The beat on this track is catchy and will pursue you wherever you go. There seems to be no way to escape this beats and force it out of your head, and quite frankly, you will be pleased that it leaves such a lasting impression.

Being a party track, don’t expect deep sociopolitical lyrics, this one is tuned to the “Tasty” ladies, so you’ll get your fair share of sexual innuendo to drive you through the late hours of the night.

Shaakes has overcome the odds and exposed his art, dealing with any part of rap itself, not only writing but rapping his own work.  Lyrically adept at talking about women and throwing game, and equally adept at dropping some fire for the underground, Shaakes has a personality and charisma that makes him instantly likable as he accentuates his words to let you know he has confidence in his sing-song rhymes.


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