‘BOOGIE LONG LIVE THE GREAT” – the beats are seriously banging and the hooks are on point

Doe Boogie
Doe Boogie

Doe Boogie born Orlando Jenkins, is moving very fast in the underground world of independent musicians. His new mixtape is now featured on MYMIXAPEVOTE.COM. ”BOOGIE LONG LIVE THE GREAT” has reached one of the highest voted mixtapes spots on the site. Boogie is also the owner of his record label which will be a major independent label come 2016. The 10-track mixtape is hosted by DJ JUMPOFF. The singles from the mixtape can be heard on 843Radio on the live365 internet radio platform.

Once again Doe Boogie is giving the streets what they want as he is pouring out his soul and telling you his walks of life on the mixtape. For the most part it’s street/gutter music which a lot of people might not feel or understand where his coming from. This is hardcore rap, the hooks are on and Doe Boogie is telling it like it is. He doesn’t beat around the bush on any topic.

If you are looking to hear correct grammar and familiar beats then this is not the album for you. However, if you would like to hear truth enunciated with a slamming beat and baseline then ”BOOGIE LONG LIVE THE GREAT” is it.

The mixtape cover
The mixtape cover

From the opening tracks, the beats and lyrics are just plain raw. Doe Boogie has a raw delivery and puts much heart in his words. The beats are seriously banging and the hooks are on point.  The all-round production quality is a little muddy sounding and noisy around the edges, but then again, this is a mixtape and not a fully mixed and mastered album.

Not really a bad track on this mixtape as Doe Boogie keeps it as real as he can and lyrically he is on fire, on most of the songs. Of which the pick of the bunch for me are: “Rap House Double”, “Street Shit”, “U Said”, “Feel Like Pac” and “Waitin All Day”.

You will literally feel everything he says, providing you understand this kind of lifestyle, as the music is meant to be a true expression of that very lifestyle. Even for those of us who can’t relate to the ways of the goons, those of us who live an average life without the hoes, stacks of paper and 28s, this guy goes hard for us all on ”BOOGIE LONG LIVE THE GREAT”!


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