Dougie Jay: “I’m Leaving” infuses a much needed jolt of hope into R&B

Dougie Jay
Dougie Jay

Dougie Jay is an American songwriter, singer, composer and poet. Born in Houston, TX, he spent most of his life in Baton Rouge, LA. He participated in gospel choir, high school chorus and marching band. His genres are mostly R&B and Pop. His musical influences are Marvin Gaye, Chris Brown, Andre 3000, Erykah Badu, John Legend and Lauryn Hill.

Dougie Jay keeps his artistic integrity in every track he releases. “I’m Leaving” is an incredible master stroke of pure musical genius. Dougie has infused a much needed jolt of hope into R&B with this stellar release. Melodic and plush the all too brief “I’m Leaving” is so smooth that I almost slipped into a pure hypnosis listening to this incredible track.

The track is soulful and superior to many songs on the radio; melancholy and brooding but so eloquent in matters of the heart. Dougie Jay’s music will resonate with many fans who love a throwback old school flavor in a modern soundscape. Dougie has an incredible grasp on what love and heartbreak should sound and feel like in a song.

Dougie Jay
Dougie Jay

“I’m Leaving” encourages the hope of staying the course through trying times in a tough relationship but acknowledges that there is a moment in time when leaving is the only choice left. It is a powerful and mature mid-tempo ballad; a galvanizing profound statement from a creative trail blazing artist.

The beat and production keeps the momentum going in a gorgeous groove, while Dougie Jay remains devoted to making pure love music for now and in the future. His legacy is cemented with this stunning track, where the bittersweet mellow sounds and lyrics speak to your intimate feelings in a way that you can relate to. “I’m Leaving” is timeless and classic heartbeat music to move the soul forever more.


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