Natalie Jean: “Lecon D’Amour” – casts her immense magical musical spells!

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean, who also sings in English, French, Spanish and Creole, has just released her new French album “Lecon D’Amour.” In my opinion, this is a phenomenal French album ever by Natalie. I believe many of the British and American fans of her English singles and albums will learn to love her singing French, too! Here’s why: All 12 songs are so fabulous and poetic, truly they are gems!

the cover
the cover

Songs like “C’est Toi Et Moi”, “Je T’aime a La Folie”, “Je n’t’appartiens Pas” and “Le Démon Déguise” are filled with energy and dance-floor suspense, showing off all of Natalie Jean’s upbeat sassiness. But it’s the slower to mid-tempo songs such as “Sans Toi”, “Retour a La Vie” and “Nostagie”, this last song written together with Natalie’s father, Guy R. Jean, which ultimately showcase all the quality and power in this talented girl’s voice.

However if you want to reach the absolute pinnacle of Natalie’s immense magical musical spells, look no further than the two most outstanding tracks I have ever heard her perform – “Mon Ange” and “Retour a La Vie”. Not only does she excel in surpassing any of her previous vocal performances – both technically and emotionally, but she single-handedly wrote these songs too. Something she repeats on 6 more tracks on this album. If this is not a sign of a consummate young artist, please tell me what is!

Natalie Jean
Natalie Jean

The tracks on this album highlight the depth to Natalie’s voice. There is so much soul and character in this album, and you don’t need to understand French in order to enjoy the songs, although it may be helpful. The power and range of Natalie Jean’s voice is extraordinary, but it is never used in a flashy way here, only to enhance and accentuate the music; the musicianship from everyone involved in this recording is exceptional, giving us a thoroughly satisfying album for all Natalie’s fans – those of us who mostly prefer her in French, and those who might be converted upon listening to this wonderful album!

Natalie Jean has the extraordinary power to make you fall in love with her music, and may even persuade you to learn French so as to discover the meaning of her songs. Even though I cannot understand one single word of French, I loved “Lecon D’Amour” every bit!

More About – Natalie Jean is an award winning singer, songwriter and performer. She primarily sing Jazz, but she also writes and performs in many genres such as Rap, R&B, Country, Pop, Dance, Heavy Metal, Contemporary and a lot more.  Natalie Jean’s music has received a huge number of nominations such as the Artists in Music Awards, LA Music Awards, The Indie Music Channel Awards, The Indees, American Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards and the Akademia Music Awards.

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