Benji Frankkz: “48 Hours” (ft. JC) [prod. by CJ Beats] – a titillating track worth adding to your collection!

George Turner, referred to as Benji Frankkz from here on out, is a talented hip hop artist currently residing in Spokane. Originally from South Central Los Angeles California, Benji and his family moved to Spokane in 2006 after living in Pullman. He has two daughters (ages 2 and 4) that he loves and fully supports by working as a full time chef.

Over the past few years, Benji has been working to become a legitimate hip hop artist by collaborating with artists throughout the state of Washington, while also striving on his own, to increase his fan base. In the summer of 14’ he performed at the Gorge Amphitheater for Summer Jam and has been consistently performing locally at locations such as the Knitting Factory and Swaxx.

Benji Frankkz
Benji Frankkz

Benji Frankkz has just recently dropped his latest single, entitled “48 Hours” (ft. JC) [prod. by CJ Beats]. He makes sure you feel this track with a knockin’ beat and lyrics showing you that he is not in anybody’s shadow. From top to bottom he comes through in a major way with this project. He reminds us that in everything we do we should have fun doing it, enjoy doing it and most of all love doing it; just as he does in “48 Hours”.

On this new track, CJ Beats changes up the sonic palette with sounds that are reminiscent of both modern and 80’s electro. He keeps it barebones minimal, allowing Benji Frankkz to spit his rhymes undisturbed and show that he has the ability to make great catchy music. At the same time he demonstrates that by being creative you can still be appealing and relevant in the game.

His not trying to be overly deep or socially conscious on this track, he is just having a good time and dealing out an awesome joint that you can ride to. The song is tight, the production is on point and the vibe is emotionally satisfying. This is one solid jam that will go down with the dudes and the ladies. Definitely a titillating track worth adding to your collection! And if he keeps it up, then just like cream, Benji Frankkz will soon be on the rise!


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