Gecko Theory: “Get Busy Livn’” – rock contained within a melodic framework

“Gecko Theory is a Melbourne based 4 piece rock band founded in 2011 by guitarist brothers Mike and Jack van de Ven and childhood friend Glyn Dalton after a chance meeting at a Faith No More gig featuring too many beers and a loud discussion of unfettered dreams of super-stardom.” But I’ve read other bio inserts too, like Gecko Theory are an alternative rock band from Melbourne who sound like a group of hyper active monkeys from the early 90s jamming in a giant brass cage in the sky.”

The Ep cover
The Ep cover

Either way, what really matters is that it is so refreshing to hear a band that plays the music that they want to play, and not what the music world dictates they should play. It’s even more impressive – after listening to the 5 tracks that make up their EP, “Get Busy Livn’” – when you discover that this is exactly what the music world would want to hear!

Michael van de Ven – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Jack van de Ven – Lead Guitar, Glyn Dalton – Bass and Pete McDonald – Drums, Percussion, have put together a solid, ass-kicking, but melodic alternative rock album, which they cunningly jump start with an ear-sweetening mid-tempo ballad meant to embrace and capture your emotional sensibilities. You may even be fooled into thinking that you were listening to the latest by The Eagles. Yes that’s how smooth and melodic “Hey Now” is!

On “Red Sky”, Gecko Theory sticks to the hypnotic melodicism, but they kick the intensity up a gear. Meaning, you’re still able to singalong and tap your toes, but the knot is just turned a little tighter in your solar plexus.  “Killer” is one of the best songs on “Get Busy Livn’”, and it demonstrates Gecko Theory’s ability to craft a great rock n’ roll song.

Gecko Theory
Gecko Theory

From their acoustic flair to their tough side, this track showcases raucous riffs, scorching solos and brooding vocals, always contained within a melodic framework. And this is probably what makes Gecko Theory so damn attractive to the average ear. No matter which side of the sound spectrum they’re in, they never lose an inch of melody or harmony along the way. And that’s what gives Gecko Theory a sharp pop edge too!

“Monkey Business”, takes this concept a step further, as it gets your attention the second you listen to it. Together with “13”, it reflects the continued growth and maturing of a band in song-craft, instrumentation and ensemble playing. Even when they’re at their heaviest and most angry, Gecko Theory retains a sense of song and musicianship. Their songs aren’t drowned in a barrage of noise, feedback and uncontrolled screeching. Rather, the intensity of the emotions is highlighted by the crescendo of vocals and instrumentation. The thing about Gecko Theory is that they never overdo anything. They provide the bare rock essentials, with just the right amount of bells and whistles for your listening pleasure!


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