@itsGokuRiP: “Narco No Flaco” – expertly produced and crafted with a gritty beat!

@itsGokuRiP is an independent artist out of Inglewood CA, who produces all his instrumentals and songs. @itsGokuRiP is not a hyper lyricist or punch line rapper. Which may be the prime reason you can appreciate his music much more because you not expecting a knock out verse. He is honest and has crafted that honesty into a format that is easy for anyone to consume on his latest track, “Narco No Flaco”.  It’s about what’s he says and how he says it.

The single cover
The single cover

In an era where the skinny jean rappers seem to have taken over, it’s a breath of fresh air to know rappers like @itsGokuRiP are still holding it down for all the real hip hop fans. Plain and simple, if you loved hip hop in the 90s when it was gritty and raw, then you will love this track. @itsGokuRiP delivers a raw collection of lyrics for those of us who want to nod our heads and get absorbed by the flow.

“Narco No Flaco” is a track to bring out the raw grit of Hip Hop. This is not club music, or that stuff you see the woman in the car next to you singing, this is just raw “I got something to say, and I am gonna say it!” thing. The track is an expertly produced and crafted with a gritty beat. From an engineering standpoint, this bass-heavy track sounds very analog and warm; a sound we all love.

As for the rhymes, @itsGokuRiP brings some good bars to the table with a simple rhyme scheme that works perfectly for him. The lyrics are short but sweet, not too complex yet far beyond basic, while the wordplay and word flipping are all there. Amongst the entire pop-hop, commercial radio stuff, “Narco No Flaco” comes off as a classic street-hop track.

I didn’t know what to expect, but overall, the track came out extremely well, and @itsGokuRiP leaves you wanting to hear more after the song is over, which is always a good sign for any artist!


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