Rhett May: “Rich Bitch”, off the upcoming album ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’

Rhett May has a new song, “Rich Bitch”, off the upcoming album ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’, which is now being featured on KillJoyRadioXM.com. This track is a great example of what rock ‘n’ roll can aspire to – when played by a true master. The song offers us the opportunity to get ourselves out of the work frame of mind and into the rest of our lives. Into the fun part, into fantasy land…where the real rich bitches are! And one look at the video will get your libido into overload too!

The upcoming new album.
The upcoming new album.

The musicianship and general sound of the recording is warm in the analogue sense. Rhett May ages like a fine wine. While many artists fall off in quality, he keeps on with high quality output.  Though May has had a very large number of fantastic tunes on all his albums over the years, he just never lets up and sticks very closely to his rock n’ roll roots without worrying too much about the latest gadgetry.

Something he repeats here on “Rich Bitch”. The video may be flashy, sexy and new, but the music is your good old trusted, four to the floor, rock n’ roll. And it never fails. This is Rhett May in his element, what more needs to be said?

Smooth rock with a touch of sentimentality for yesterday, and looking ahead to what Rhett May hopes future generations will pay attention to now so that they will enjoy it better tomorrow!

You gotta love Rhett May. He just keeps pumping them out and doesn’t care what you think. This is another great old-school rock n’ roll record…with a new and sexy twist.

MORE ABOUT – Born in Calcutta, India, Rhett May was immersed in a magical, musical melting pot; Carnatic and Hindustani music and instruments such as the Sitar and Tabla always providing melody and percussion against a daily backdrop of lifting and soaring voices of Ragas. By the time Rhett had begun boarding school in the Himalayan foothills; western music had also begun an invasion; The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. Rhett May, whose first band was named The Wooly Bullys, eventually made the move from India to his current home in Australia. May has released various EP’s, including his “Insatiable”, from which the single, ‘Cocktails and Cannabis’, has been released.


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