Stiff Lauren: “Indie” deals out a bucket load of courage and strength

Stiff Lauren has once again stepped up  to the mic and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for poor production and mediocre radio play. The track talks about appreciating the business and being proudly independent without getting screwed over by anyone. Stiff Lauren takes us on a journey on his latest track “Indie” where he sees overcoming struggles and gaining successes the indie way.

stiff-lauren-300He touches on a whole lot of relevant issues like the white-washing of hip-hop and the myth that fake fame earned by some rappers is a wonderland of good. Lauren looks to stay true to what he believes in and his vision of success which he firmly believes will outdo the rest.

No doubt Stiff Lauren is a talented artist, and so ahead of his time when he rhymes about the future he can clearly see now. He proves that you can still be an indie rapper without sounding like a lesser significant artist.

No disrespect to the major label artists or those still looking for a big label deal, but Stiff Lauren deals out a bucket load of courage and strength on “Indie”, exactly what it takes for independent artists to lay down the gauntlet and challenge the mainstream rap gang. In fact with the release of “Indie”, Stiff Lauren proudly announces “that he is no longer seeking a record deal.”

Stiff Lauren
Stiff Lauren

Stiff Lauren is one of the realest rappers in the game right now, but to be honest I have followed him for quite a while now and he has never disappointed and this single is no exception. If you too are already familiar with his past works, then you know that he delivers in all categories; from lyrical flow to honest rhymes and beat production.

Music reviews are obviously subjective, so give this a listen for yourself, but the way Stiff Lauren approaches his songs is unique and is a n artist to be taken seriously.

MORE ABOUT: Stiff Lauren is an entrepreneur, recording artist and the Co-Founder of OOTO Lifestyle. OOTO is a brand that depicts the lifestyle of unique individuals who are ‘Out Of The Ordinary’.  These are the individuals that stand out amongst the masses through innovative styles of fashion, music, and Artistic expression. By recognizing these aspects, OOTO is out to promote and identify those standout individuals.


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