JBoyBossAzz: “Buck City” is about quality and not quantity

Milwaukee, WI, hip-hop artist JBoyBossAzz, is an unsigned emcee who has dropped his 16-track mixtape, entitled “Buck City”. Drawing from the Midwest sounds, production for the mixtape is mostly from beat maker Victory who has beat credits for Jim Jones, Shorty Lo, & Chief Keef to name a few. JBoyBossAzz comes hard on this mixtape and even though there are only 12 tracks, the tape is better than most of the garbage put out by mainstream rappers nowadays.

I have to emphasize that “Buck City” is about quality and not quantity, it does not matter that there are only 12 songs, any fan of hardcore Hip-hop bathed in raving, energetic Trap sounds, will appreciate and enjoy this mixtape. This release sort of takes me back to the UGK’s “Pocket Full of Stones”, that dirty street music where rap came from, and I can’t stop listening to it. Even Yo Gotti fans will definitely love this mixtape too, as it delivers some of the hardest beats around and JBoyBossAzz puts it down on every track.


It takes just a few listens to really appreciate every track on this album; some, such as “Street Nigga (ft.Moe Money)” and “I Fix It (Prod. By Danno)”, you’ll be rocking with from the first listen, but some of the more personal, or different tracks will take a few more listens to really find the brilliance inside. In the end, the materialistic tracks found on this album are what they’re supposed to be; fun, hard-hitting braggadocio songs. Not everything in music has to tackle an important issue, and JBoyBossAzz knows this; so when he goes into tracks like “Fuck’em(Prod. By Danno)” or “Gutta Bitch (Prod by Victory)”, his just having fun with the track. His introspective tracks are also heart-felt, and endearing.

I can’t really say that I have one favorite song on the mixtape because I kinda like all of ’em. “Buck City” also has a lot of features like Boogeymann, Dono, Moe Money, Baggz N Money, I.L Will, 50 Chaos and Billboard Burn’em. Some people may not like the fact that JBoyBossAzz has so many guest appearances on his mixtape. But to me, it just goes to show that he is appreciated and popular in the underground hip-hop world.

This mixtape delivers on almost every scale. The production is also excellent, all contributing solid, at times memorable beats to complement the mood of each song. JBoyBossAzz focuses on a range of subject matter throughout this album, without getting overly preachy on any of them. He has loud, anthemic songs, tracks for the ladies, and songs to ride out to, and on each of these his flow glides with ease. JBoyBossAzz is as real as it gets, and “Buck City” will have you hanging on the edge of your seat all the way through. JBoyBossAzz’s biggest strength is the way he has a distinct feel whenever you listen to him. It’s hard to explain but you’ll fully understand when you hear “Buck City”!


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