Michael A. Galianos: “Wonder” (Featuring Jenni Monday) – a joint performance effort that shines!

Michael A. Galianos is a singer-songwriter from Bergenfield, NJ. In 1997 he kicked things off with the EP “Feel”, under the moniker of M.A.G. (Mad Ass Greecians). In 2006, he released his first full length, “Cerebral Snapshots”, and then followed that up in 2011 with his second album, “Beautiful Discovery”. Over 745 stations around the US began playing tracks off of “Beautiful Discovery” in 2011, giving Galianos his first glimpse of national coverage.

Michael-A-Galianos-WONDERDUCKRecently Michael A. Galianos dropped his latest track, entitled “Wonder” (Featuring Jenni Monday). The central core that bounds this track is the strumming acoustic guitar with a generated pace that keeps the song pumping ahead comfortably, holding together the steadfast drumming and the washes of strings which adds pathos and depth to the arrangement. With this strumming guitar and rhythmic backbone, “Wonder” finds Jenni M.onday hitting all the right notes.

While this is a true-blue Galianos song written with Robert DeFina, “Wonder” is undeniably a joint performance effort and Jenni’s collaboration shines through, and helps to give the track a unique vibe.  Her voice is strong, clear, soothing and at the same time lulling, as she delivers the lyrics which are poignant, introspective, and interladen with heartfelt nostalgia. Jenni weaves the lyrics through Galianos’ surreal sounds and when she sings, the result is seductive with a touch of enchantment.

Mr. Galianos is in fine form on “Wonder”, both in the recording booth and behind the boards, together with Max Caselnova.  Though fresh and modern in its approach, the track has a very classic, authentic feel about it. It takes us back to the good old days of reel-to-reel recording, in that the sound is ‘warm’, ‘live’ and ‘dynamic’. It doesn’t have that clinical ‘digital’ sound, nor does it possess that perfect quantisized tempo, which makes the track flow beautifully and naturally, as if you were listening to, or watching a live performance of it, in your living room.

Therefore credit must go to Michael A. Galianos, for his sonic inventiveness and his brilliance with creating multi-layered textures and moods for this track, both instrumentally and vocally. The arrangement shows what Galianos and his crew can do musically, with what is otherwise a simple pop, soft-rock song. The craft and effort, by everyone involved, is all there, making everything come together in a flawless way, on “Wonder” (Featuring Jenni Monday). It’s a confident and mature effort.


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