MONEY: “Refugee” – super energetic, tight, and focuses on rocking hard!

MONEY formed last winter, banged together some songs in London and starting doing recon this year with a spate of gigs and residencies in Southern California. Money is GlassBassist, Lead Vocalist, Devon Pangle – Guitarist, Vocalist and Chris Durant – Drummer, Vocalist. Their debut single Refugee was featured on KXSC college radio’s punk show The Bear’s Den and Dublin-based music blog Fecking Deadly. The band is busy recording their debut EP in London and Los Angeles and has also released their second single, “Starting Yesterday.”

money-cartoonIn contrast to the hyper-produced computerized sounds of mainstream rock, MONEY is a spare, stripped-down, hard-hitting trio, made up of Brits whose sound captures the energy of the hardcore punk scene, blended with roaring rock riffs, soaring vocals and catchy melodies. Refugee is one of those rare tracks that never let up from beginning to end. Building from one crescendo to the next, as the emphasis switches from raunchy, rock solid drumming, to the incessant driving guitar rhythms: the clockwork bass lines and, dulcis in fundo, the ecstatically superb vocal range of lead singer, Glass.

MONEY sound like a unit brimming with confidence, which is essential for any rock n’ roll band to stake their claim in today’s overcrowded marketplaces. These guys just rule. They are super energetic, tight, and focus on rocking hard. They avoid wasted notes, overly congested chord progressions or tangled poetic wordplay. MONEY is about razor sharp riffs and terrific musicianship, particular the spectacular drumming of Chris Durant and the flawless guitars by Devon Pangle. After a few listens this song will creep into your inner ear and stay there for a very long time afterwards. Refugee is new, it’s different and it boasts an overpowering sense of urgency.

Those involved in the recording, mixing, producing etc. deserve kudos as well – as the sound on Refugee just jumps out of the speakers!


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