Saint Denson: “Bahd Mahn” Ft. Widda Wop & Carhyme – Fusing Caribbean tones with a dark urban-edged Hip Hop

Born and bred in Detroit under the influence of 80s and 90s hip hop, Saint Denson achieved notoriety through his work on albums such as Styles P’s “A Gangster and a Gentlemen,” and Trick Daddy’s “Thugs Are Us”. Saint, who got started as a DJ then evolved to emcee and eventually producer, has launched his new label, Atlanta-based Heavy Records. Saint’s upcoming project, tentatively titled, “The Gift” will feature his full roster of artists and is set to release on December 11, 2015.

In the meantime Saint Denson has dropped the single“Bahd Mahn” Ft. Widda Wop & Carhyme.  Saint knows how to build a good bassline rhythm, and he knows how to mix genres, as he delivers his beats with an ease that seems rare. There are certain clues as to judge whether a track has potential “classic” status: 1) Every-time you listen to it, you appreciate the track more. 2) You get cravings to hear it often, and 3) You can’t get the song out of your head. Well, “Bahd Mahn” is all those things.

saint-denson-350How many producers in rap music have redefined the sound of hip-hop not once, not twice, but multiple times? Each time Saint Denson gets behind the boards he brings another game changer to the table. And he achieves that again with “Bahd Mahn” Ft. Widda Wop & Carhyme. Fusing Caribbean tones with a dark urban-edged Hip Hop beat, this track will have you nodding in no time, making Saint’s latest effort not only a stunning track, but an amazing affirmation of his talent.

In terms of the rapping, Widda Wop makes an impression with some plain raunchy deliveries, while Carhyme’s vocal hooks form the best part of the song. This is one track that will never get lost in a shuffle and just grows on you more after each listen.

If you are looking to move away from the low-talent, filler song, no substance emcees and producers that seem to dominate the rap game, Saint Denson and crew show no mercy in making a lot of more hyped-up artists look downright stupid. He has put together a great crossover Hip Hop track and supporting video that will please the majority of Rap fans.


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