Samie Bisaso: “Million Pieces” – a ray of light for so much darkness

Even if you don’t traditionally buy Christian music, you will love “Million Pieces” by Samie Bisaso. Why? Because it’s a blend of R&B, Soul and Pop crossover stylings, then add the beautiful voice, music and songwriting. This guy is a genius. Listen and then tell me I’m wrong. From the first play, from beginning to end, you’ll like every song on. Samie Bisaso has a vocal style with a swagger all of his own. Through his lyrics and singing, Samie shares his personal, intimate relationship with our Savior Christ Jesus, which transfers to you the listener. The Holy Spirit and anointing can be felt in each song leaving a positive change on you.

The album cover
The album cover

The production is excellent, tasteful, with just the right amount of restraint. The engineering is magnificent, allowing the clarity of Samie’s voice to be heard expressing each word clearly. This is so important, because you easily understand what he is singing, without having to second guess the words. These songs have serious crossover potential for airplay on Christian, Pop, and Contemporary R&B or Soul radio stations. It’s just that good!

While this is not one of those stale Praise and Worship albums, this is certainly one that spreads the good news and lifts your spirit. Samie Bisaso has an amazing voice and range, and you feel his passion for Christ through his lyrics and his voice. I would certainly recommend this project to anyone who loves inspirational music. The whole album is a healing and a blessing at the same time. Soulful and spiritually binding, you will be captured by songs like “Completely”, the reggae influenced “Live For You”, the piano-driven ballad “Take My Heart”, “Where Would I Be”, The African infused rhythms of “Already Better” and the slow electro beat melody of “True Love” among others. You can tell this brother has a relationship with God!

Samie Bisaso
Samie Bisaso

I have heard various works by Samie Bisaso and on each occasion it is clear that he has such a depth of understanding in his faith, his dependence on God, and his job to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who will never step into traditional church walls. His work, this work can speak to so many because of its careful lyrical content, its sincerity, diversity, and oneness in sound. Mr. Bisaso is truly a ray of light for so much darkness.

A “Million Pieces” is one of Samie Bisaso’s best projects that I have heard so far. From beginning to end, the songs on this album are fantastic, filled with heart, and with the message of just how much God loves each and every one of us. And Samie’s voice and vocal arrangements sound like a chorus of angels singing all at once and all alone at the same time. Samie says the album title, “Million Pieces”, is a declaration that even though we go through challenges in life and want to quit – It’s not really an option. “God has so much more in store for us, and the rest of our days can be the best days of our days, if we can learn to trust him fully.”

Often times we think we can straddle the fence when it comes to our souls. This album is Samie Bisaso’s testament that surrendering to Jesus wholeheartedly is the only way!



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