Chalcedony: “Chapter III” – a mature, complex, well-thought-out and very well executed album

For me, “Chapter III” is one of those albums where you kick yourself for not listening to it sooner. There’s a little bit of everything on here; powerful riffs, sing-a-long choruses, great verses, excellent lyrics, and possibly my favorite ingredient, a few of the songs truly have that ‘epic’ feel to them. Since playing “Chapter III” for the first time I haven’t stopped listening to it and it only gets better with each further spin. I only find myself saying “Ooh, now there’s a good song,” after each and every song! It’s been a long while since an album has evoked this kind of emotion in me.

The album cover
The album cover

Being new to Chalcedony, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into so I just put the album in and let it play. “The Roman Road” came on and, well, it’s beyond the most perfect opener. It has that ‘epic’ feel I mentioned and Chalcedony’s delivery only elevates the song more. Past that, if you’re looking for some more epic tracks, “The Bird That Spoke”, “A Thousand Times” and “Never Fall Again”, are all right up your alley. Feel like a ballad? “Left Side of the Pier”, “Long Way Home” and “Genie” is among the most ethereally tasteful I’ve heard recently. As for the rest, the orchestrations on “Mother Gaia”, “Fifth Conquest” and “Be The Light” are all extremely impressive as well.

This talented androgynous musician from the south-east UK, has combined powerful lyrics and themes, to create a nearly cinematic mix that comes together to make a mature, complex, well-thought-out and very well executed album which ‘tells the story of an agoraphobics journey to a promised land and the adventures encountered along the way’. (Editor’s Note: Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder involving anxiety and intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult, or where help may not be available.)


To get anywhere close to what Chalcedony is doing, you’d need to mix the three E’s – or rather Enigma, Enya and Epica! Chalcedony takes care of the vocals, pianos, drums and keyboards while Chris Wilson handles the guitars. It’s clear that Chalcedony puts a lot of work and time on each and every song he writes. The production values are over the top, and the song writing is phenomenal. Chalcedony makes most other symphonic rock bands sound bland, simple, and weak. The onslaught of instruments and melodies will fill but never overload your senses. The lyrics are poetic and passionate and most beautifully sung by Chalcedony throughout. The vocals are strong but ethereal without becoming whiny.

Every person I’ve introduced to Chalcedony has gotten hooked on the album. Though not mainstream or cheesy in any way, with songs as catchy as those on the album, its amazing Chalcedony does not get massive airplay. But I guess the music is simply too sophisticated and complex for radio. Overall “Chapter III” is a fantastic work of art and blending everything together in an awe inspiring manner. Chalcedony proves he has what it takes to be an international music sensation.

This album has it all: drama, emotion, rock-out songs, moving power ballads, and captivating lyrics with just enough dark edge (and pop-like hooks) to ensnare new fans. If you’ve never heard of Chalcedony or have even the slightest interest in seeing what he is about, start with “Chapter III”. It’s a truly phenomenal piece of symphonic rock!


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