Dalal: “SUPERMAN” featuring Robin Delano – leaves nothing to be desired!

Dalal is an Award-winning Austrian Recording artist, singer, songwriter, composer and actress. She is considered one of Hollywood’s most promising up and coming performers. A Billboard chart-topping artist in the US and a Chart Topper in the UK, as well as a Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominee, Dalal is well known for her beautiful live performances and the array of breathtaking rhythms and improvisations on Stage.

Dalal has now released an acoustic version of her track “SUPERMAN” nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award written by Dalal Bruchmann herself and Nate “Impact” Jolley. The song is a search to find ways of trying to be yourself.  This track undeniably shows how much Dalal has grown sonically and vocally.

dalal-superman-ac-coverIf Dalal needed to do something different, to take a break from her usual bombastically catchy and tailor-made-for-radio and dance floor single choices, “SUPERMAN” is a step in the right direction. The track is extraordinarily manufactured, artistically cohesive, emotionally impactful, raw, and wonderful. In a simple phrase, Dalal leaves nothing to be desired. She covers it all.

Dalal has a distinctive voice and that is what sets her apart from everyone else, as well as the fact that she takes risks and dares to be different. The fact that she is Beautiful with a capitol B, is certainly a plus factor in her cache of captivating armaments, but certainly not the prime reason you should be checking out this girl and her music.

Dalal exudes the aura of a strong confident young woman while her music reflects her sassiness, sophistication and even her vulnerability. The acoustic version of “SUPERMAN” featuring Robin Delano, is one of Dalal’s most personal tracks to date, not to mention her most complex, both emotionally and sonically. Unlike some of her past releases, Dalal seems to have some connection to what she is singing on this release. She sounds calculated and intense in presenting a song that has a far deeper meaning than the boisterous strings, edgy acoustic production and audacious lyrics may lead us to believe. She appears serious, far more developed and assured than ever before. To be honest, this is the Dalal Bruchmann I love best!


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