Damien the Demon for moves sonically from A to Z without blinking a stylistic eyelid!

Damien the Demon is the alias of an instrumentalist/producer from the state of Michigan. He lives near Detroit and has always been interested in electronic and hip hop and rap beats. To this day he continues on his missions to get his music wildly heard and distributed across the globe. Damien The Demon’s music is the foil that drives his creativity.

Damien The Demon
Damien The Demon

Those looking for under-the-radar talent should check out Damien the Demon for a set of eclectic beats. From the sparse almost monochromatic drum-driven beat of “Long Daze” to the screaming distorted electronics of “Fire Ball”, Damien the Demon for moves sonically from A to Z without blinking a stylistic eyelid. Production is undoubtedly one of biggest aspects of any Hip-Hop song and it has the ability to make or break a record. Since we are so technologically advanced in 2015, producers have the ability to produce almost anything imaginable.

And that’s exactly what Damien the Demon does. With no boundaries or limits, he throws together sounds more than styles. You may, or may not like what comes out of his musical blender, but its original and off the beaten track. I’d go as far to say that Damien’s beats are an acquired taste and definitely not for everybody. Hiphop as a genre is in a perpetual state of forward motion. Just as there will always be people yearning for the good old days, there will always be new generations of creators with no regard for any rules or norms—polarizing artists like Damien the Demon who are exploring rap’s boundaries and blurring lines between genres.

As Hiphop expands and mutates, becoming, in many cases, almost unrecognizable from the sound of ’80s, producers are at the forefront of the experimentation. Therefore beat-makers like Damien the Demon will always be in demand, provided they have an ample range of original material to choose from and a sound that sets them apart. With both “Long Daze” and “Fire Ball”, Damien the Demon shows that he is working his way towards that given status!


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