Jariah: “Cash Out” ft. Duece Dub – a gritty message and slick narrative

Without the overwrought production and excessive use of trite catch phrases that typifies the output of today’s corporate rap elite, Jariah’s innate raw power can’t be masked. His track “Cash Out” ft Duece Dub, serves as an antidote to the flood of insipid hip-hop/R&B combinations and clogging the airwaves. The NJ rapper’s gritty message, slick narrative, honest spirituality, and unrelenting fascination with street ingenuity, all come out on “Cash Out”.

Jariah-CoverJariah has a ruff, raw and rugged style, bringing enough lyrical mass every time that you can’t help but listen. You’ll find this on tracks such as “Smoke Sumthen” as well as on “Vaped Out”. He raps about what he was feeling and doesn’t seem to be concerned about commercial success, but rather, more about being heard.

Jariah’s tracks are not songs with beats that make you only want to focus on the beat and the hook – if the hook compliments the beat – but his songs makes you focus on his lyrics and the message of the tracks. This is what happens with “Cash Out” ft. Duece Dub too. He tries to keep it real and does the track the way he wants to do it, not the way mainstream would probably want him to do it.

Jariah raps positively without losing his street credibility, and does so with a flow that is paced and even, at times even understated. His rhymes are explicitly descriptive leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s a nice blend of introspective, hardcore, and emotional lyrics. Another thing I love about this track besides Jariah’s voice is the sparse, dark production. This is probably one of the reasons Jariah’s flow comes across as strong as it does without him having to rise up to a preachy, shouting level.

Don’t overlook “Cash Out” by Jariah ft. Duece Dub, if you don’t already have it. It’s worth a purchase.


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