Nick Duane: “Rain” – sophisticated rhythms and harmonies that go beyond the pop radio favorites

Nick Duane is a veteran American, musician and composer who has played guitar and bass with several regional acts. Including; Axis, Backslap Blues Band, Monolith, Section Eight, DC Tenz and Confessions. Being a long time record collector Nick has an appreciation of different styles of music, which might explain such extremes as being one of the founders of the ‘Backslap Blues Band’, to his participation with WBRU Rock Hunt battle of the bands winner, ‘DC Tenz’. Nick Duane has also released many solo recordings, his latest being the single, “Rain”.

Nick Duane
Nick Duane

Let’s face it, I’d take Nick Duane over most of the trash I’m hearing on the radio these days and seeing on MTV. Like a fine wine that gets better with age, so too does Duane. What I like so much, is the maturity of the music (and usually the message). By this I mean it’s not ‘One Direction’. Don’t get me wrong, they have some fun stuff to listen to also. It’s just that Nick Duane has sophisticated rhythms and harmonies that go beyond the pop radio favorites. And that’s what he forges here on “Rain”.

If you ever wondered about Nick Duane, the man, as opposed to Nick Duane, the singer, this track will give you a glimpse of what he is about. Duane writes and sings with all his heart.  The song is filled with intensely cynical points of view from the many faceted Duane and, personally, I like what I hear. This is a brilliant and profound work by one of the better alternative-rock indie songwriters, with one of the most distinctive voices around, backed by great musicianship and a solid production. If you have appreciated any of Duane’s earlier work, as much as I have, I find it hard to imagine that you will not be impressed with this.

 All-round this is one fine single. The production is superb, the vocals are soaring and emotive, the arrangement is tight and serves the song instead of distracting from it. Nick Duane’s solo indie career has been resplendent thus far; “Rain” comes along to add some more shine!


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