Daddy T: “Me Darling” lures you in with a soothing, rather smooth riding rhythm

Daddy T is Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Dancehall and R&B artist from Bridgeport CT, United States who emerged during the late 80’s. Daddy T was born Mark Reynolds and was also previously known as the Dutty Foreigner. In the late 1980s he joined the hip-hop forces of such names as D.J. Snow, the Canadian patois-speaking reggae rapper and owner of the Klassique Klymaxx sound system, most famous for his 90s hit single, “Informer.” Daddy T also teamed up with Snow’s younger brother, D.J. Richie Groove, while opening for a variety of artists, including: Bounty Killer, Lady Saw, Mega Banton, Sister Charmane, Mr.Lexx, the Monster Shack Crew, and more.

daddy-t-md-350Daddy T’s latest single and supporting video is entitled “Me Darling”. Always one to give value for money, Daddy T is raising the temperature again. No doubt this highly anticipated Hip-hop-Reggae flavored track is ever blazing from head to toe. “Me Darling” is a fulfilled song. Captivating from the get go, it is interesting enough for anyone to find further interest in the content of Daddy T’s work. The song lures you in with a soothing, rather smooth riding rhythm; the rhythm is incredibly fitting for the lyrics. A lot of Daddy T’s songs does what it is supposed to do – make you feel hype and lively. “Me Darling” is no exception.

Hot, sexy and energetic, is a formula that usually works magic when introduced to any blend of Reggae, Dancehall, and Hip Hop. Daddy T has long been working this mix into his songs, and definitely into his visuals. He’s also more melodic and more original than on his previous recordings. If you like Daddy T’s voice and singing style, you most definitely will like “Me Darling”.

Daddy T is not just another rapper, he’s atypical, and his voice is unique. He does his own thing in an unorthodox way. And if at the end of the day, for some reason Daddy T is really not your cup of tea, then just turn on his videos and watch the girls!

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