DosK: “Wit Squad” brings the heat with nice pimpin’ flows over a smooth bass-heavy beat

The identical twin brothers Kay and Kai once known in music circles and by their fans as 2k Boyz are back after one whole year off to reflect and take stock of exactly where they were, and where they wanted to be in the music business. So now they come stomping out the corner under the moniker DosK, with a brand new track entitled “Wit Squad”, to herald in their new lease on musical life!

I don’t want to be one of those people who constantly say how hip hop is dead and how everything today is not as good as it used to be. So thank heavens DosK bring the heat with nice pimpin’ flows over a smooth bass-heavy beat on this track. “Wit Squad” will keep you bobbin’ ya’ head throughout its entire play.

DosK-logoThey are so real in what they do. There are many rappers that don’t put love in the game, but Kay and Kai put love and a whole lot more in it, and they never have, and never will disappoint me. They don’t get quite enough props at all.  But they keep working at their game in the most serious way. It’s almost as if they feel they don’t need the spotlight on them to prove their craft. Being born 60 seconds apart gives them the edge, meaning their styles complement each other like brownies and milk.

Though fairly simple in construction, one listen to “Wit Squad” and you will be hooked. This song on is of extremely high quality, both in the lyrical and production departments. The intensity of Kay and Kai’s flow plus the wit and charisma in their lyrics provides a bagful of musical entertainment. Clearly DosK are one of the best upcoming young duos in the game. This track epitomizes the potential and creativity artists can bring to the world of hip hop without exaggerating musically, or being overly extravagant lyrically.

DosK do just enough to satisfy the listener and just enough to keep them wanting more. And that’s how you slowly but steadily build longevity in the Hip-hop game!


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