False Pretence: “Miss Direction” has all the impact of a kick to the head!

False Pretence is an alternative rock band from the Midlands (U.K.). Since their inception in 2009, the band have been writing, recording and gigging across the U.K. with furious energy and relentless drive. Their first digital release, “Falling Apart”, gained the attention of BBC Introducing and critical acclaim from the Huffington Post, while the lead single “Faceless Faithless” won the band a support slot with Papa Roach and Glamour of the Kill on the European leg of the “Silence is the Enemy” world tour.

The Ep cover
The Ep cover

Now False Pretence are in the throes of releasing their latest EP entitled, “Miss Direction”. The EP has much of the incredible melody and guitar riffs supported by James Graham’s powerful vocals. There are lots of expected and welcome melody and style here, with the catchy riffs and vocal melodies that define False Pretence as unique and valuable.

False Pretence returns and the new EP has plenty for long time fans to enjoy and new fans to discover. We listen to a band because of the unique style that separates them from everyone else, or the energy, message or style of music and artistry they present. With that mentioned, False Pretence delivers a fair amount of uniqueness and a whole lot of style and artistry on “Miss Direction”; starting with the opening track “Fantasy Kills”, which is a very strong, heavy song in terms of guitars and drums, blended with Graham’s gritty yet smooth, flowing vocals. Great melody as usual, but the arrangement and style are definitely unique.

My favorite rock tracks are usually songs with incredible melodic range and catchy riffs, together with a nice combination of intensely aggressive singing and some screams. Something False Pretence delivers on both the title track “Miss Direction” and “Faint Reflection”. You usually pick a rock band like False Pretence because of their incredible vocal range, heavy guitars, and the ability pull off spine-tingling arrangements which they deliver above and beyond my expectations on this EP.

False Pretence
False Pretence

“Miss Direction” has everything: Great overall enveloping sound, superb drum and bass rhythms, razor-edged guitar riffs in all the right places, and a masterful combination of wistful-sounding, melodic, tenor-pitched singing with angry screaming that has all the impact of a kick to the head. If you are a fan of rock and any of its sub-genres, this EP deserves to be included in your collection.

False Pretence’s sound is that of a band that works really well as a group. Their sound is tight- each of these guys only makes the others sound better. James Graham’s energy is amazing. His voice reaches out and grabs you by the throat, demanding that you pay attention. He has a rich, smooth singer’s voice which will suddenly break into shouts. The music which backs it up has a crisp, clear, driven style, powered by Adam Wain – Guitar, Paul Geheb – Guitar, Ryan Hicks – Bass and Tom Bevan – Drums.

No song even stays the same all the way through, as though these guys have so many musical ideas they can’t wait to get them all out. All I can say is, if the music that False Pretence make in the future is as good as or better than this EP, there will be a lot of very lucky ears out there!


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