Dare To Be Dreamers: “Making Believe” – lyrically intelligent and emotionally driven

Dare To Be Dreamers is a San Diego band using their music & films to inspire hope and make dreams come true. Their live show is captivating and interactive, featuring a full live band, with two-time turntable champion DJ Mikey Lim, and stunning visual/stage FX. Off their stunning debut album “Still Young”, comes the single “Making Believe” and its superb supporting video.

Dare To Be Dreamers exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t familiar with the group until I heard “Making Believe”, which is awesome. The lead vocalist is amazing and struts his voice singing primarily in his upper register.  I was in awe at the flawless harmonies and so many directions the song went and worked excellently. Dare To Be Dreamers blend pounding drums, stirring synths and soaring choruses into one energetic and uplifting electro-pop-rock anthem. After scoping out this band on YouTube, I not only came to the conclusion that this band is totally fierce, but also that I had to get their album. Just as unique as each song they’ve created, this band is extraordinary. Not only are the vocals and harmonies so unbelievably beautiful with the lead singer’s incredible vocal range; but also the instrumental accompaniment of their music.

Jason of Dare To Be Dreamers
Jason of Dare To Be Dreamers

Dare To Be Dreamers have set the bar very high with the single, “Making Believe” and their album “Still Young” . Every single tune the band creates is inspiring, heartfelt and beautifully rendered.  This band defies this depressing era with lyrics that are actually meaningful. Dare To Be Dreamers is lyrically intelligent and emotionally driven. The quality of their music is one thing, but the meaning and having that meaning through all of their songs is something rare. I love the fact that they are so compelled in their music that they stay true to it as well.

There are many bands out there today that you almost get lost in counting. However there are very few who are actually worth listening to, and who are actually trying to make a difference. Not just musically but socially. Dare To Be Dreamers are committed to making dreams come true, by assisting struggling families and young kids whose dreams hold little reality in their present situation. The band also kindly accepts contributions to this project on their website, showing that they truly care about doing concrete things.

Dare To Be Dreamers hasn’t been in the spot light for long and “Still Young”, is just their first album but I think we’ll be hearing from these guys more often in the future.  Their music is motivating, uplifting, inspiring. They describe every inch, every feeling, that they are going through. You will find yourself nodding you head to every song, as every inch of the music is superb!


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