Masked Misiz: “Big Stacks” – strong voiced, smooth clear flow, and breathtaking delivery

California native Gracie, also known as Masked Misiz, developed her alter ego with inspiration from your everyday superhero. “Masked Misiz represents the unleashing and protection of one’s inner identity”, says Gracie, who aspires to be a creative factor and influence in the entertainment industry with her exotic look and trapped out sound.

Masked Misiz
Masked Misiz

Masked Misiz is hood, with tight rhymes, a club beat and a beautiful, exotic yet somewhat mysteriously sexy disposition.  It is more than evident when the beat first pounds your speakers that she has done her homework. The track, “Big Stacks” is off the hook, showing Masked Misiz has what it takes to be in the rap game. You can tell when an artist put strong effort into a track because you’ll be able to feel it straight through – case in point with “Big Stacks”.

“Big Stacks” bangs out Masked Misiz’s pride for lady power and being an underdog, as she raps: “Bend over and make ‘em beg for it. A couple shots of Hennie make ‘em stand up”. She understands the power of fame and money too, as she flows. “We do our thing, ain’t nobody who ever vouched for us. Big Stacks, and everybody acting like they know us.”

Underneath all the sexuality and raunchiness, there is an artist with a sharp mind and strong willpower. Her delivery puts her female competitors to shame, and leaves even many males gasping for breath, just trying to keep up. Strong voiced, smooth clear flow, and breathtaking delivery, she is reaching out to be the Alpha female in her genre.

Masked Misiz
Masked Misiz

Mostly everyone will agree that Masked Misiz is the one of the ‘raciest’ female rappers that the underground rap game currently has.  One look at her risqué-underwear cover-art, will put the record straight if you’re having any doubts about the above statement. But when you finally push play on “Big Stacks” (after struggling to tear your eyes away from that cover art!) , you realize that Masked Misiz takes that affirmation more than just one step forward – she opens up from bar one, coming on hard, spitting fire like a dragon.

She definitely made a banger with “Big Stacks”, which will solidify her place in the industry. A fair share of the positive outcome of this track must also go to Producer Maine Tha God, who tailored a rich and layered, melodious soundscape, which will have your head nodding in no time!


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