Pflames: “Ambition” featuring Damien – tells a story that is relatable

Pflames is a hip hop songwriter/producer from Omaha, Nebraska. Pflames is a precocious talent who formed his first group around about 5 years-old with some neighborhood friends. In 84’ he was inspired by Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, to play the guitar, ten years later he migrated to the drums, and in 1999 he dropped his first Hip-hop demo. Since then he has written and produced numerous tracks and releases, as well as performing across many cities and opening for a plethora of artists.


A few months back Pflames dropped he single, “Ambition” featuring Damien, a singer-songwriter also from Omaha, Nebraska. The song comes from a special time in Pflames life, when he needed to take stock of his being – work, family and artistic ‘ambition’. He realized that music was the only thing he loved, and he needed it to be the main vehicle of his life and existence – both financially and personally.

If you’re sick of non-talented rappers pushing out the most simplistic irrelevant banter, with a cheesy hook and calling it music, you’ll need your daily dose of this here medicine.  Seriously though, this is a very good track. I appreciate that Pflames is able tell a story in this song that is relatable. I also enjoy how he is able step back and bring an outside perspective as well as firsthand experiences into his lyrics.

Another thing Pflames has also proved here is his choice of high quality features. For some rappers features work well because they sound better surrounded by others than they do by themselves. Pflames is not one of those rappers. You want to hear what this man has to say on every track he’s on, with as little interruptions as possible.


That said however, “Ambition” is an excellent exception to that, since Pflames holds it down on his end and gives just the right amount of limelight to Damien to leave his mark and make it a fire track. And that is exactly what this versatile singer does. He brings an energetic urgency to the table which definitely adds to the overall dramatic effect of this song.

Even though having nothing but praise is highly suspect for a product review, I have a really hard time finding something wrong with this track. You literally cannot be a true fan of hip-hop or simply good music and dislike this song. Pflames has been around for a while making hip-hop with a message.

Now he’s got a growing family and personal dreams and wishes to accomplish. And because he has a very elastic genre to work with and an endless flow and aptitude for rhymes and music, it’s only fitting he tells his story through his eyes on “Ambition”. And the whole experience proves to be absolutely infectious for the listener!


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