Digital Escort: “Fuckstar” visceral, dominating, and convincing!

Digital Escort is an industrial trio made up of DJ Ealey, Christopher Ryan, Carson Scott. A few months ago they released the track “Fuckstar”. Many people have likened Digital Escort to Nine Inch Nails and rightly so, but at the end of day they is such a unique Industrial band with their own original sound. Their songs are packed with so much emotion and power.

The instruments and electronics are amazing, and lead vocals bring the haunting and brooding lyrics to life like few other singers could. The band has really matured throughout their catalog sand it shows through the music on “Fuckstar”. The track is a little less aggressive and brittle than some of their other stuff but it has an added refined dynamism which will trap a lot more ears along the way to building their music profile.

digital-escort-coverIt’s such a shame that Digital Escort hasn’t surfaced into mainstream radar yet, because the talent they possess is greater than a majority of the bands that are on the covers of magazines right now. I have heard some people even say they’re better than NIN. Those words will never come from my mouth, but I will say this. Digital Escort is one of the very few bands whose music I will listen to willingly in my spare time. And that’s saying a helluva lot!

The trio of performers who make up Digital Escort have found the secret to opening up and letting everything out. Their songs are visceral, dominating, and convincing because they reach every listener’s heart and soul and may even fix or break yours.

When hearing “Fuckstar” you will truly immerse yourself in their ability to effectively manipulate your emotions with a crunching wall of hard-hitting sound and provocatively audacious lyrics. This not only makes the band good but it makes them special.

Digital Escort proves they are not just some bunch of industrial clones making one hectic collage of noise, but rather a band developing a precise style that could be called their own. “Fuckstar” unleashes an artistic, atmospheric gallery of emotion within a song structured and arranged to emote.

Digital Escort may not be the pioneers of this genre but they are certainly exploring and expanding it assiduously. They will pull you through the black hole with them, and into the fire where you will wither, blister, burn and peel, but emerge with the power of an adrenalin rush and feel rebuilt again.

While there is no doubt in my mind that Trent Reznor is a genius, I can say that Digital Escort seems capable of delivering as deep, as melancholy, and as angry emotions through their music and lyrics. They’re on a upward climax in the music industry!



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