Boogie Santana: “Signed to the Trap” holds true to his list of priorities

Boogie Santana A.K.A. Nathaniel Lytes’ very first show was in 2012 at a club called “Lamonts” where he performed one of his older songs, “Guttah Boo”, and was shocked that he had caught everybody’s attention. In the same year he got himself involved with a music group called “N-House Entertainment”.

Boogie Santana started working on his first mix tape in 2015 called “Cut From a Maryland Cloth” #CFAMDC, and is now in the process of completing the sequel, “Cut From a Maryland Cloth 2” #CFAMDC2. Additionally, the 23-year-old artist has the single, “Signed to the Trap” which was released in September, 2016 and is being distributed via online stores, including iTunes and Amazon.

boogie-santana-350This is a fine track abounding with iconic moments, a memorable beat, a powerful hook, as it rolls by while making an impression. Like his previous efforts, this surprises in some major areas, namely the intelligence and the rhyming. “Signed to the Trap” is another fabulous example of great production combined with great vocals, plain and simple.

It’s Boogie Santana’s way of pulling us in and drawing us to its vast message of entertainment value. Much of the music behind the vocals is sometimes beautiful and flowing actually, making lovely use of strings, new sounds, and the producers’ seasoned skills, and Boogie is inspiring in his raps, employing progressive street-isms.

Boogie Santana hasn’t completely given in to market formulas for making commercial main-current rap, but this does have the ‘trappings’ of catchy rap. However he holds true to his list of priorities which include the integrity and dignity that come with crafting substantial wordplay of deep meaning and usefulness, without forgoing the entertainment factor that this genre needs to have to survive today.

On “Signed to the Trap” Boogie Santana doesn’t need to wow hip-hop heads with inventive rhyme schemes or complex wordplay. He is a guy that can win you over with personality and style, and this track is branded under that heading — as he makes everything on the cut weave and flow together seamlessly.

Call the fire marshal because if you play this track in your car your speakers might catch on fire!


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