Lakotah: “Hold Me Near” – mature and sophisticated

Lakotah belongs to that small group of contemporary artists, who are so necessary, to navigate musical times of pretense and despair. Her works represent songs from an authentic voice, an uncompromising wail of dissent toward mediocrity and complacency -if you don’t believe me, check out her latest self-written single, “Hold Me Near”. It has already been too long to wait for a new album, especially given the power and poetic density of her most recent predecessor, the superb “The Maker.” In terms of artistic integrity, this latest single does not disappoint.


A multi-instrumentalist, Lakotah’s extensive song catalog which includes over 250 compositions has been used in motion pictures and in television. With “Hold Me Near”, I think Lakotah has managed to successfully combine a beautifully produced alternative rock and accessible pop sound and still perform at her raw, guttural, emotional best. In fact Lakotah’s work is always worth getting hold of because of the strong emotion conveyed in it.

I am constantly amazed by this woman. Each time I listen to her songs, I can’t exactly put my finger on just one thing about her that makes her music so brilliant and captivating, it’s a swarm of things. This track is so beautiful. It’s just compelling and seems personal.

I think she’s pouring herself out completely in this song. On top of that, her voice is possibly the best it’s ever been- and that’s just hard to grasp, considering she has one of the most powerful, dynamic female voices around.


“Hold Me Near” kicks it all up with a fantastic, dark and foreboding, electronic soundscape and her in-your-face words, and that amazing voice. I can’t get this song out of my head. Despair and angst remain her best fuels: with a haunting voice, Lakotah purrs and swoons and twists, leading us into the depth of her grudge and unrequited love.

I think the reason listeners will find this track more accessible than her others is simply because it sounds so much more mature and sophisticated. The production is tastefully elegant, giving Lakotah’s song room to breathe.

It brings out the space, texture and depth of the song and the overall sound is more luxurious and resonant as a result. The atmosphere is rich, vivid and well captured, allowing Lakotah to project a seductive yet vaguely tormented image, which will make people sit up and take notice.

Ultimately though, what makes “Hold Me Near” such a masterwork is its simmering passion, the brooding emotional intensity, as well as the pure heart and soul that pours out from Lakotah’s performance.


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