Will Snyder: “Lonely Afternoon” scintillates with a high-octane performance

Will Snyder first studied music with Marshall Hawkins, and a fter a few eight with Hawkins, Will went on to win the Sam Karam Music Award. After high school went to the Berklee College of Music to continue his music studies, and complete his winning streak with the Bass Department Achievement award and the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award in 2006.

will-snyder-lonely-300On graduation Will signed with Marble Mountain Records, where he was able to develop his skills as an artist, singer and producer through the various studios he worked. He dropped his first single “Love Me” in 2014, and produced Graham Dechter’s record “Takin’ It There”, in the same year.

The following two years has seen Will release two full-length albums – “2028” mixed by Grammy winners Mick Guzauski, Miles Walker and Will Hensley, and his latest “My Condition” mixed by Will Hensley.

From this album comes the eclectic single, “Lonely Afternoon”. Will Snyder dazzles, perplexes and scintillates with his high-octane performance; his highly individual lyrical style and smoothly layered musical arrangement transform this song into a four minute detour into the mind and heart of a very talented singer-songwriter.

Add to it, Will Snyder’s captivating vibrato voice and the formula becomes hypnotic. No – addictive, that is the word that best describes this song. He is a sublime songwriter and your ears will just thrill at his singing and his energy. Will gives us the highest quality music – and this is exciting, heartfelt, exhilarating music.

will-snyder-lonely-350Plus the song has a full spectrum of styles and sounds all rolled into one – there are traces of Pop, RnB and even a subtly intoxicating Caribbean flavor that pulls you through and around.  It’ll put you in a good mood and if you’re already in one, it’ll make it even better – especially if you are in love.

This is simply delightful music that is a breath of fresh air into the contemporary music scene. Will Snyder is not only a unique composer, singer and musician but he is a great story-teller as is evident in this song and throughout his album, may I add.

Moreover, I think Will’s music transcends strict genre limitations. His melodies and rhythms are so immaculately and elegantly smooth they would appeal to just about anybody I can think of. Will Snyder is able to lift the mind and spirit with the perfect match of lyric to music!


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