Saturday, February 04, 2023

Major Highlights

Allison Kane: Turning Heartache into Harmony

Allison Kane’s new music and documentary showcases a rollercoaster of struggles and emotions. Allison’s latest

Get Your Copy of Maxwell Purple’s New Album ‘Karma’ Today!

Listening to good music is not always easy. While there are many different artists, sometimes

From DRC to Montreal: Zolah’s Journey to Success

Hip-hop leaning pop artist Zolah has an impressive story to tell. The highly motivated singer

“Balance”: Divine Wizz’s Life Reflected in Debut Album

Divine Wizz is an American hip-hop artist. Her music is personal and reflective, and she

Rising Star Persius Takes the Rap Game by Storm with ‘Paper Jayson’

Born and raised in Chicago, Persius has been a fan of hip-hop and rap since