Hip Hop producer SHARP. is ready to unleash his brand new instrumental album, “WEED, SEX & HOT CHOCOLATE”. The 12-track album is entirely produced, mixed and arranged by SHARP. himself. The official release date is set for 02/14/2016, which means a great Valentine’s gift idea, and you can start to pre-order the album right now onContinue Reading

SIR-PRIZE, who began his career performing for free at local events and music functions, has broken every media barrier and recently released numerous blockbuster singles, “SC73, DO YOU LIKE THIS MOMMY, DJ ALL STARS” etc. SIR-PRIZE is also an ASCAP member since 2002. Sir-Prize has branded CW (Committee Wear), hisContinue Reading

It may seem like overnight success for the Detroit based gospel rap artist Exodus Swift. But in reality Exodus Swift has put out more albums in the past five years than Jay Z has released in twelve years. Although some of his earlier work was overlooked he kept releasing albumsContinue Reading

That the Crocus Hill native, Jahmings Maccow was to be a winner was written in his DNA since he played the harmonica with a choral group at the age of 5 in the Caribbean. After becoming the leader of the “Public Works Steel Band” at 12, and the keyboardist of the band “TheContinue Reading

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a cradle of civilization that is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the world’s largest standing army, the world’s second-largest economy and is the world’s largest trading power. Even the Chinese space program is one of the world’s most active, and is a major source of national pride together withContinue Reading