Alterego Vibe’s latest single release “Coming Back to Life” has already stirred up early interest amongst fans, established music blogs, websites and critiques- Now they have a music video to accompany this success. Their new single “Coming Back to Life” has derived from their debut album “Back To Life”. TheContinue Reading

“Bring Me Back”  – The Video! Rome Alexander’s one of a kind music style has been very well received and one week after the release of his previous two singles “Crush” and “This Thing We Had,” both received enthusiastic reviews from fans and have been on the Amazon Best Seller and Hot New Release charts forContinue Reading

Zurich, Switzerland  Hot on the heels of his new album hip hop artiste, NazB, has released his latest Boomaye video. The Boomaye video is a new Afro dance video in celebration of the African dance vibe and culture. The video unfolds with four male dancers dancing to the pulsating musicalContinue Reading

Don Vedda, 23 year old journeyman vocalist/guitarist hailing from San Diego, CA has released his debut self-titled EP as well as the video for the song, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Having performed with many bands over the last decade, including Casino Madrid, Oceans, Jaime’s Elsewhere, and most recently, as the leadContinue Reading

A music video was once defined as a commercial videotape featuring a performance of a popular song, often through a stylized dramatization by the performers with lip synching and special effects. Today it is so much more and the commercial success or failure of many pops songs depend heavily on the video produced to represent the song visually. That is where experienced and creative videographers like Alexx Thompson come into theContinue Reading

Bro5 was just voted 2014 Best Band in the Tri-State by #1 radio station Power 95 WPLJ 95.5 FM listeners.  Their anti-bullying video “Bruises” ( is getting noticed and played on VH1 and MTV. These VH1 finalists are five teen-aged brothers (Bro5), standing up for what they believe in, makingContinue Reading

The singer- songwriter Gabriel Biase aka KMillion was born the 21st November in Pocos De Caldas, Brazil.  At 6 years of age he moved to the United States with his father and brother. Both of them strongly encouraged him to follow his dreams when Gabriel discovered the guitar.  His ear improvedContinue Reading

Originally from Carlsbad, CA, now residing in Hollywood, CA, Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter Melanie Taylor is a 4-time award winner. In April 2014, Melanie toured the mid-West and took home two awards for Best Music Video and Best New Artist awarded at the 15th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival.Continue Reading

Teufelskreis is a quality heavy rock Austrian band delivering German language music that fuses elements of metal and industrial in a manner very likely to appeal to fans of Rammstein, Oomph! “Eifersucht” (jealousy) their third regular studio album has been released with their new partner NRT-Records. Teufelskreis consists of MikeContinue Reading