Terry Blade has finally put out his debut album “American Descendant of Slavery, The Album” and it’s nothing short of a pure masterpiece. The 19-track epic takes us on a heartfelt thrill ride through the worlds of hip-hop, r&b and beyond. From hard-hitting rap rhythms to smoothly enchanting acoustic melodies,Continue Reading

In October Spaceman released Fascist Utopia, a project whose cover depicted an apocalyptically saccharine hell-scape of state-enforced “harmony” and “good will”. That the cover depicted a decidedly Trump-esque figure was of minor consequence to me, the central point, of the hypocrisy of a society more interested in surface level appearancesContinue Reading

Ayhan Sahin’s fourth solo single marks the finale release from the long-awaited full-length collaborative project “Pop”. The upcoming and long awaited album “Pop” features iconic artists of pop music’s timeline such as The Village People’s iconic cowboy Randy Jones, platinum selling artist Anita Ward, veteran recording artists Jerri BoKeno alongContinue Reading

Hailing from Toronto, the recording artist known as Harosho is quickly becoming one of Canada’s favorite EDM artists. Drawing inspiration from electronic legend Deadmau5 and Nora En Pure, music fans from across the country have already tuned in to hear his unique combination of electronic melody and raw lyricism. Now,Continue Reading

Some people have hesitation about going into the music industry, but this was never the case for D.Tech. The twenty-eight-year-old Miami native would begin with music production at the age of ten before learning music theory and the basics of composition while playing the clarinet and violin. By his freshmanContinue Reading

A Much Needed Respite During Escalating Occurrences Resulting From Covid Portland, OR [ Grimm Girl Music ]  Award winning recording artist Kathryn Grimm (Jeff Buckley, Bo Diddley, Michael Bolton) has done it again – she’s written yet another hook-laden anthem with a strong message  that may just be life changing forContinue Reading

Best known for his rolls in General Hospital, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and more, Stephen Martines makes moves in music with the upcoming release of his single “Chasing Summer.” The singer, songwriter, actor and model has built a career that transcends beyond pop culture trends and Hollywood clichés. While Stephen hasContinue Reading