BexX is an independent, unsigned UK artist who defines their own sound with a theatrical mix of meaningful songwriting, classical & baroque-pop, world flavors and experimental noise. BexX’s mission is to challenge stereotypes and expectations and explore gender issues. Attempting to break the boxes we create to challenge our limitationsContinue Reading

Hustle Gee is a 24 year-old, Detroit raised artist who started making music at 16. Now living in New York, Hustle Gee has a son and daughter while he continues his grind in the game. The artist is currently riding high with his track “Actin Tough”, with many more stillContinue Reading

With thought-provoking, reflective lyrics and infectious melodies, Virginia native, Mitchel Evan is known for the charisma and confidence he radiates in his live performances which captivate his audiences. Backed by his band Mitchel Evan and the Saboteurs, Evan is quickly making waves in the Americana genre and beyond – beContinue Reading

An interview with 6Clicks, a band trying to make people smile, one song at a time. Can you tell us a bit about where you come from and how you got started making music? Danny: I’ve always listened to Frank Sinatra and bands like Skillet, and I never thought I’dContinue Reading

Flash Baker out of Atlanta, Georgia is a Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Dancer, Actor, Performing Artist who studied at the legendary Pebblebrook High School in Atlanta, and Point Park University. He is also an Educator & Choreographer. Flash spent the past 5 years working as a performer on Disney Cruise Ships.Continue Reading

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and currently a resident of Dallas, Texas, C.E.N’s natural proficiency over poetry allowed him to produce meaningful and profound lyrics. Although he initially took the initiative to become a music artist for fame and fortune, he later realized that all he desires as a musicianContinue Reading

Don Hughes released his debut solo album in 2008. In 2012 he got married to his longtime girlfriend, after which time he followed a substantial period of inactivity. In 2016 he released “It’s Christmas”, which featured original interpretations of holiday classics. August 2020 saw the artist release his most ambitiousContinue Reading

Rock & roll revivalist, Josh Christina is bringing retro back in all the best ways. Reminiscent of an era when music sold itself, Christina’s classic energy humbly commands his audience, both on stage and through the stereo. With a sound described as “an infectious blend of piano driven, high octaneContinue Reading

Cool Ass was created by Marc Marut, with a sound that’s reminiscent of 90’s alternative. Combining a hard hitting, toe tapping, energetic rock style with other influences, Cool Ass music gets people moving as much as the lyrics get them laughing. Not only is Marc a musician/songwriter, he is alsoContinue Reading