Heavily influenced by producers such as Quincy Jones, LA Reid, Just Blaze, and others, SC began producing in 2005, and later decided to further advance his craft.  His debut project “Shock Combat”, which contained 15 tracks, was released on August 25, 2019. “Being able to produce your project creates anContinue Reading

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, Kee Beez never changes. He’s the same exuberant California rapper we first heard in 2010 with the “So Fresh, So Clean” EP. His words swiftly carom off the beat-teetering between spoken word and actual rapping and a sing-song-melody. Ten years and aContinue Reading

Blessed with an exceptional voice and a unique artistic spirit, Ariee has captivated many from an early age. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ariee began singing in her church at the age of 8. As her passion for music grew, she knew it was essential to master her craft. ArieeContinue Reading

Las Vegas Hip-Hop duo ALVMNII continues to provide real lyricism and truth on their single “NEW WORLD ORDER” produced by Kato On The Track. Check out the music video and follow them on social media!  ALVMNII are extremely talented lyricists; clever rhymes, technically sound, intensely intelligent and witty. AddContinue Reading

I recently heard about an artist called D-Witt from Rockford, IL.  Illinois is the home of some prestigious sons who have left unforgettable marks on hip-hop’s history. I’m expecting an unfiltered rebel who is unafraid to bare his soul and burn down buildings. A fearless heart is a quality thatContinue Reading