JunesFlow – “Challenge” produced by Mark Cooper, and new visual shot by Desmond Travis

Never-mind your car, or drinks at the bar, or how many chains you wear; to settle it once and for all, that’s the only reason we’re here. It’s a …CHALLENGE!” The album “Long Live Jit” is still in a league of its own as it continues to shine light on Detroit’s vast dance history, and its progression. “Challenge” is the joint from JunesFlow, produced by Mark Cooper, and new visual shot by Desmond Travis. Check for the video and witness what happens when the battle is “on sight”!  “To me, ‘Challenge’ is a song that’s strictly here to provoke

Jim Wyly Performs “Wildman of the Thicket” From The Album “The Artisan”

Jim Wyly at J P Hops House, Houston, Texas singing ‘Wildman Of The Thicket’. A Bigfoot Legend from Deep East Texas.  For years as a member of several bands including Movin Target and The Lunar Rollers, Jim Wyly has been widely regarded by his peers as a master of the songwriting craft. At the young age of 71, Wyly stepped away from the sound and life of being in a band and released his solo debut, “The Artisan”. A roots Americana and blues flavored recording, the album includes the track “Wildman of the Thicket”, a song about the Bigfoot

DaKing – “CryptoBoom” is a vibe from start to finish!

“CryptoBoom” is the second single by Moscow artist DaKing who is currently working on album which will feature previously unheard of 3D stereo effects. As can be gaged by the title, the song is inspired by escalation of cryptocurrencies. DaKing falls into the category of nu-wave rappers. You can hear a bit of his flow, hooks, and ad-lib driven rap style in the music of today’s newest up and comers. DaKing verses have a way of feeling like extended hooks. He loves to chant as his ad-libs swirl in the background. Sometimes he even delivers a rapid-fire flow. The project

Fifth – “Cost of Doin’ Business” – a depth you can feel in your chest

Fifth is an artist who has bars and knows how to spit lyrical content…better than most you will find nowadays. If you like artists with substance, then the Pittsburg, CA native is your man. Fifth, whose moniker is the suffix of his full name, has featured on the show “Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses”. He is currently riding the wave of his latest single release – “Cost of Doin’ Business”. The whole track is well-produced and engineered. Everything from the instrumental to the vocals, are mastered properly and flow nicely. In addition to putting out a

Haze Daze – “Shadows” is rich and inviting!

Self-awareness is key, and Haze Daze getting in touch with that allows him to separate himself from the pack, reaching territory where only a handful others reside. But of course his latest track, “Shadows” is also the embodiment of the current culture. The song is the unification of the SoundCloud elite sound and the figures who came directly before, it’s an embracement of that short but rich history. Knowing your strengths or limitations is a skill that few have. Haze Daze on “Shadows”, is not only able to avoid any potential limits, but also accentuate his strengths. The track is

Menes Rebazzar Kedar – “Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy” – A voyage into the development of ideas and emotions!

The New York-based artist Menes Rebazzar Kedar fuses a potpourri of musical flavors on his new album “Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy”. From hip-hop to blues, rock, soul and electronic stylings, the artist crafts 9 eclectic tracks that defy strict categorization. The music on this album isn’t just a critic or fan pleaser but it’s clear that what Kedar wanted most was to make a recording that actually carries some vestige of meaningful depth. A truly excellent work sounds like putting a stethoscope up to the heart and mind of its creator. The album is very ambitious, and provides one of

“ENVY” – Framing Hanley is a great band who are fresh and adventurous

1.5 million downloads, over 150 million digital streams, and in excess of 40 million video views, certifies that Framing Hanley are not your simple garden variety of rock n roll band.  Kenneth Nixon (vocals), Ryan Belcher (guitars), Jonathan Stoye (bass), Shad Teems (drums) and Nic Brooks (guitar) make up the reformed Framing Hanley who release “ENVY” – their first album in 6 years – via Thermal Entertainment on 2-21-20. Believe the hype, this album is extraordinary from start to finish. “ENVY” is the right place to start if you are at all interested in hearing this incredible band. Not one

Foolish Senpai – Loyalty Everlasting (Ft. E-Man) | Official Music Video

Michael Curry, known by fans as Foolish Senpai, is an upcoming Hip-Hop artist who stands out for his creative vision and the undoubtedly alternative taste of his music. Senpai has been consistent, early into 2020 releasing new visuals for his music. He presents “Loyalty Everlasting” with contributions from E-Man this go around. Keep an eye out for Foolish Senpai as he keeps adding to his catalog of videos.  MORE ABOUT: The word “senpai”, is rooted in Japanese culture and relates to the “senpai-kohai system” which underlies nearly all relationships. Senpai (先輩) in most cases means “master” or “teacher”. Michael

Merce Gold – “Gold Standard” – consistently deliver good music, captivating atmospheres, and ponderable rhymes!

Merce Gold is a hip-hop artist from North Carolina. He is an artist/CEO of Family Over Entertainment, an entertainment company started by Merce and his brother Louis.  “Gold Standard”, released on 2/2/20, is Merce Gold’s 3rd project, his previous “1993” was released Feb 18th, 2019 and is also available on all streaming platforms. The key element that makes this latest album’s atmosphere really enjoyable for me is the overall lushness of it. The beats especially are as gritty and smoothly layered, and as colorful as the narratives. Another reason that the album is a really enjoyable piece, is that it

Lyt Lyfe Presents The Official Video for the Single “10-4” by CHANGE

The music is booming and hard-edged “10-4”until it’s suddenly dulcet and sweeping, matching the fury and then tenderness with which Change performs throughout. The shift in tone doesn’t feel jarring, but instead like it was building up to that the entire time, a testament to how dynamic and complex the production is. It creates an anthemic, banging experience that is just as important as the words rapped. Hip-hop music, with its lack of filter and abrasive nature, has always been a vehicle by which men who uphold a veneer of toughness and masculine bravado can share their feelings. Part of

Ace Adams – “4 of a Kind” – an alluring bag of edgy urban-scented grooves and electronic bravado

Adam Clouse, artistically known as Ace Adams, is an emerging songwriter and producer based in Goshen, New York. The multi-talented producer draws inspiration from Timbaland, and has his sights and desires set on working with Lecrae and Dua Lipa in the future. A dedicated student of his craft Ace has released his 6 song EP, “4 of a Kind”, which offers an ample 360° vision of artistic status. The recording is one alluring bag of edgy urban-scented grooves and electronic bravado. The first examples of Ace Adams’ ridiculously high standard production, fully expressed throughout probing percussion in a wonderfully graphic style, emerges on the very first track, “Step Aside” ft. K.O. The resonating, and soul-searching female vocals, further pushes the track into a higher atmosphere, which only the talented can tread.

“All About You” ft. Max Bet, serves to confirm Adams’ knack for eclectic percussion, as he once again forges a pumping beat, enhanced by a throbbing bassline. On top, the raps and melodic vocal hook, vibrantly color the template with urban edginess.

“In The Jungle” ft. Wild Card, features a straight ahead beat, as Ace Adams concentrates on manipulating the dark synth sounds and overall atmosphere. The verses are abrasive and urgent on a rap song that never lets up. This is a typically ferocious performance from the entire cast.

The pulsating cinematic keyboard motifs and brass throughout “Vegas Life” ft. K.O., is as irresistible as the vocals, and a sure fire way to get everybody nodding along to the groove. K.O.’s plush R&B vocals fit into Ace Adams’ construction perfectly, never allowing the strong melody to dominate her vocals, but instead matching it in terms of lure.

She provides Adams with a very talented tool in his arsenal, and one that is probably suited to his desired sound. In both songs she’s on, K.O. displays an intoxicating mix of talented R&B vocals with intelligence, personality and poise. She’s proves that she is somebody to watch out for in the future. Together with Ace Adams, these two seem ready to break into the top of the charts.

Ace Adams’ meaty beats never show a tendency to overwhelm the vocals in the songs. His beats refrain from overshadowing the voices, instead giving them strength. “All Eyes On Me” ft. Max Bet is yet another example of this affirmation.

The music is powerful, the rhythm insistent, yet the rapper has plenty of space to work in, as he seems to feed off of the bulging beat. It’s clear that Adams takes pride in staying ahead of the curve with his originality and experimentation.

Confident and charismatic, Ace Adams’ goal is still to blow the listener’s mind and make them move to the beat. He achieves both on “Heat” ft. Wild Card. Very intense, original, and well produced, Adams goes ahead of the game and brings in horn elements, spacey effects and a twisting beat.

What can I say, except that Ace Adams is one of the most interesting providers of his craft. His genius and versatility has been proven in this collection. Here he gathers a talented group of 4 diverse artists, and showcases them to their best.



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