Rashod Holmes Announces New Single ‘The One’

The soul singer relives how he met his wife and started his family on a tender new song. Rashod Holmes is known for bringing romance to life with his evocative voice, but he has never told as personal a story as the one he tells with his latest single. ‘The One’ is a true life love story that acknowledges the struggles and triumphs that go into building a long-lasting relationship. “I found the one for me” Rashod sings. “She is the girl of my dreams.” While Rashod is convinced that he has found the perfect partner, there is much more

Billy Ray Rock – “Get The Funk”- hitting up all the classic tenets of funk

Washington State Singer-Bassist, Billy Ray Rock, plays more than 10 instruments and produces and performs every instrument you hear in his music. From Rock to R&B and Dance, Billy delivers them all. His single “Get The Funk”, simply adds another delicious flavor to his sonic menu. His unearthly bass chops, resonant vocal wobble and inner funk DNA is scorching hot, while it straddles the genre’s trademark grooves. Blaring horns and slapping drums accompanies the party-styled adlibs, as the track treads its momentum. If you’re looking the glossy high-tech dance-club funk perpetuated by bands like Chromeo, then this is not the

Vincent Krennerich – “Verlassene Stadt” – plenty of delicate aural color

Vincent Krennerich is a composer, songwriter and pianist from Germany. The artist, who has featured on our pages before, has released his double-side single, entitled, “Verlassene Stadt”, which translated, would mean ‘abandoned city’. The second track, contained in this set, is called “Morgengrauen”, which in English, would mean ‘dawn’. However if you heard these compositions, there would be no need to translate them, as Krennerich’s music describes itself rather poignantly. Though stripped back and basic solo piano, the key to the success of both these recordings, is the propensity Vincent Krennerich has in composing subtly fine melodies. Both tracks have

Hybrid Blues fuses stellar musicianship, heartfelt songwriting and soul-stirring vocals

Out of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Hybrid Blues are a 4-piece band, made up of Mike Everard (guitars, vocals), Adam Pendred (bass), Mark Schaumann (drums) and award winning front-man, singer-songwriter Roy Hudson. The band signed to SGNB Records USA, has just released its self-titled blues-based album. No two songs on “Hybrid Blues” sound the same. The record not only showcases Roy’s abilities as a singer and a songwriter, but also highlights the wide range of influences that have impacted on his music. The album takes you in so many different dynamic directions that it can feel a little dizzying, while the

Marshall Artz Productionz – “Go Missing” ft. SeanQ – is incredibly hypnotic, with crystal-clear production

Released Aug 28th, “Go Missing” Prod. by Marshall Artz Productionz, is the producer’s 3rd single release since June. The track will be featured on his upcoming 2021, self-titled LP “Marshall Artz Experiment”. The song features singer-songwriter SeanQ, from Dallas, Texas. The producer’s blend of R&B-inspired neo-soul and smooth chill sounds becomes its own entity within the hip-hop and urban music world. Marshall Artz Productionz work should gain high appraisal through its colorful and subtly amped vibes that play to any genre lover’s ears alike. After listening to this track, I expect that the outpouring of demand for more of the

Evie Calabasas – “STARGIRL” – strong, sensitive vocals and soul-baring songs

Evie Calabasas is a 20 year-old singer and songwriter. She started playing guitar at the age of 6 and started singing at 15 years old. After attempting to be part of band on numerous occasions, Evie finally opted for a solo career. Her first solo project, the 3 track EP “STARGIRL”, has its title inspired by the first song she ever played live.  It is a tempered and exceptional record. It shakes, rattles and rolls with minimal, almost absent percussion, a dominantly strummed acoustic guitar and occasional keyboard interludes. Above all, is Evie Calabasas’ voice, which delivers an untethered, sweetly

Baby Lu releases her first single “Bad Stuff” on all major streaming platforms

Luna Elisabeth Jezebel Pool aka Baby Lu was born on February 5, 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany. Lu began singing and songwriting in her early teens and went to several music auditions where she was rejected because of her young age. She then decided to start making her own music after graduation in 2018. As she didn’t have any connections yet she wasn’t able to produce something properly. In 2019 she met the producer Austin Asiegbu (2aBeaatz) and started to produce her own songs. Pool has cited Adele and Demi Lovato as her major musical influences. Her other influences or inspirations

Where There’s A Will – There’s A Way!

Where There’s A Will – There’s A Way! That’s the way Will Ready lives his life, no excuses, no regrets, and no looking back. Just like fine wine, Will has gotten better with time. With over 25 years in the music business, 7 albums and numerous tours, Will is ready. Singer/Songwriter/Producer and Showman, Will is the complete entertainer. His blend of R&B, Soul, Jazz has earned him welcoming fans in Europe, Japan and The Caribbean. Will attributes his silky seductive style to his love of R&B, Soul greats like, Charlie Wilson, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly, Ron Isley, Marvin Gaye, Luther

Rockstar Marcus – “Wavy” – a knack for real melody and a great sense for catchy production

Rockstar Marcus is a melodic/ emo rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining soulful singing with a touch of rap and a slew of talent, the artist’s single, “Wavy”, induces us to take a serious look at the artist’s past releases, while he drops an ambitious message for the future. As soon as the mellow sentimental mood begins to kick in, one is reminded of the psychedelic image of fluctuating soundwaves as the song plays. The beat rising and falling with Rockstar Marcus’ masterful voice and atmospheric instrumental taking us on a mesmerizing journey. The summer vibe of the song is

Bernie Aka Birdbadas – “Sensual” shows a unique flexibility and verve

Bernie Aka Birdbadas wears many hats. He is an indie artist, producer, vocalist, rapper, poet, break-dancer and graffiti painter from Glyngore, Denmark. Most importantly, he is currently promoting his double single project, called “Sensual”, featuring the title track and “Everybody Wants”. In mixing and melody, these tracks are closer to uplifting trance and groovy house than anything else, and Bernie puts his bass front and center. His arrangements, consequently, are beautifully economical. Yet Bernie Aka Birdbadas manages to craft tracks far beyond the sum of their parts. In the wrong hands, the sonics he toys can sound overdone or repetitive,

Paradise Motel Drops the Official Video for the Single “If You Ever Leave Me”

The latest single “If You Ever Leave Me”, by the band Paradise Motel, hovered around as an idea for a song for about 30 years. The four piece project originally got off the ground during 1987 in Drayton Valley Alberta, Canada. The original members Ray and Tim Mussell, Glenn Ellery, and Bernie Parenteau navigated the band through recording sessions and live performances, before calling it a day in 1994. Sadly, in 2008 drummer Bernie Parenteau passed away, and was followed by the loss of Tim Mussell, in 2012. It was at this time that Glenn and Ray found the inspiration to start recording demo tracks. The project grew over the next five years, resulting in 2 full studio albums, plus a series of music videos and singles – some of which have been released, while others are planned to drop over the next two years.

“If You Ever Leave Me”, primarily written by Glenn Ellery, is a single taken off the album called “Black Dove”, which features the new core line-up – Ray Mussell (vocals and guitar), Glenn Ellery (bass), Randy Rink (lead guitar), and Chantelle Mussell (manager and feature artist). Every single song on this recording is absolute gold. The band put all of their soul into performing their music, and their artistry is just fantastic.

Mussell himself sings with every ounce of emotion, fitting for whichever tune he is jamming to, and the rest of the band plays perfectly alongside him. This is the type of stellar record that will stand the test of time for what true Americana based music is all about.

Paradise Motel deliver a blend of Country, rock and blues which hits all the right notes. So you get a sense of polished rawness running throughout their music. These guys know how to play, sing, and entertain. They can be serious, for sure, but they also keep a twinkle in their eyes and voices on many of these truly captivating songs on this great album.

One of them no doubt, is “If You Ever Leave Me” – described as “a tongue in cheek look at traditional Country music”. But it really is much more than that, as Paradise Motel turn up the jangling guitars, and turn on the groove. The vocals soar and drums slap and bang. The only thing missing here may be the fiddle, but the guitars more than make for it, as they zestfully twang their way all across the arrangement.

This single is both a bombastic and a poetic shout out to country, and all aspects of it, from the lifestyle to the music. It serves as the foundation of Paradise Motel’s original sound and, with an open mind, it’s not even that difficult to realize where these guys are coming from in their approach to their music.

Truthfully, there are only a handful of real bands in country music today, and Paradise Motel shows off so many diverse aspects to country music as a whole, it’s hard not to explore the many influences that thrive in their music. Beyond the single and video release, I would advise to give “Black Dove” a thorough
listen, to appreciate this band’s full artistic reach.

Website – https://paradisemotel.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paradisemotelmusic/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/ParadiseMotel6
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/paradisemotelmusic/
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/28bqdV2cRjjbZJk8APhdKr
Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/us/album/black-dove/1494426938?i=1494426939



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