Mahdi Da MThree: “#Make It” is is awesome from beginning to end

Mahdi Da MThree
Mahdi Da MThree

Mahdi Da MThree, musical lyricist, poetic genius, prolific writer and producer are how this artist is best known. Born Naqib Mahdi, his style is pure, honest, and real. Among the first few rap songs he wrote at the age of fifteen, like “Rap Session” and “KP Get High” was “Deadbeat Father” that told of his heartbreak, severe sense of abandonment, and tremendous feelings of anger that ultimately influenced his sound during those early teenage years. The loves and losses, challenges and triumphs, joys and disappointments caused Mahdi’s music progression to become even more expressive, dynamic and multi-dimensional.

Mahdi Da MThree is a progressing artist, expanding his horizons as a lyricist and collaborating with various producers while keeping his fire breathing lyrics pure.In an industry that’s capitalized by over-used beats and weak lyrics, it’s nice to hear someone doing something different.

MdM3 is back with another banger for the hip-hop world, with the track, “#Make It”. Which deals with how he feels about haters, as he candidly sings; “not everybody who watches, wants to see you make it.”

Overall, MdM3 brings his energy to the booth on this one, to keep you moving to the beat with his unique talent as a rapper. Hopefully this will give him more exposure to the mainstream generation.

mahdi-400The music industry is a very difficult one to be successful in. Often artists like Mahdi Da MThree strive to create music that appeals to all the senses, while the industry pushes ahead untalented, boring major label rappers. “#Make It” shows MdM3’s disdain for everything and everybody trying to deliberately stand in the way of someone’s success.

“#Make It” is awesome from beginning to end. On it MdM3 proves to be a lyrical mastermind with his own unique style of delivery and flow. Trust me – you will not be disappointed with this single as it overflows with a great, energetic beat, some catchy hooks and a hypnotic production by J’Stylz.

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