Structured largely from improvisational influences, the band found their unique sound by allowing each member to artistically express their individual style(s). “Everyone said you couldn’t combine quirky classical stylings with funky drums and fiddles and still end up with an audience-friendly genre”, says lead guitar and vocalist Tony Tyler, “…but it’s that unexpected combination that makes people quickly take notice and groove along with Come Back Alice.”

come-back-alice-400Founded towards the end of 2011, the CBA train is quickly picking up steam. With a full-length debut album to be released in Spring, a website at, and major interest from some of the music industries heavy hitters, these guys and gal from Sarasota are breaking new ground.

The over-emphasis on technology and the overreliance of talking one’s lyrics instead of singing them has made much of music today somewhat below standard when compared to other eras. However, in the case of the Come Back Alice, everything seems to work perfectly. The funky verse section is very complimentary to the soaring bridge and rock chorus on “Fast Train”. The song is both radio-friendly yet creative.

It has some great harmonies, volatile chord progressions and a romping backbeat that tries desperately to hold down the vivacious violin and horn lines that drag the song all over the sound spectrum. In this cauldron of ever-changing musical dynamics, the vocals twist and turn through verses, bridges and choruses with extreme power and verve.

I don’t attach many such superlatives to current rock bands, but Come Back Alice truly brings something new to the table. “Fast Train” delivers an audacious and meticulous montage of musical styles all wrapped up into, just under six minutes, of what feels like a runaway freight train hurtling straight at you. You can sense the incessant, rising momentum bar after bar of rock, blues, funk, southern-fried soul and baroque interludes.

Not only does this track cover a lot of musical ground, but the proficiency of the playing and singing is of an equally high standard. Come Back Alice are stimulating, with their instrumental and arranging creativity, yet they’re comforting in the sense that they make you realize that there’s still good music out there, played on real instruments by real musicians. The range of sound they are able to produce -even in just one song -is fabulous.

There is no question in my mind that Come Back Alice are one of the most original and talented bands to hit the scene in a long, long time. Can’t wait for the album!