Soo Han: “I Don’t Want You Anyway” – a finger-snapping groove over its shimmering melody

Soo Han is a classically trained musician who started playing piano at six and writing music at the age of thirteen. She pursued her musical studies at Walnut Hill Arts School in Natick, Massachusetts, as a composition major and obtained her Bachelor’s degree from New England Conservatory.

Soo shows interest in scoring for film and has composed for independent films and student films, having achieved a Master’s degree in Film Scoring at NYU. She writes contemporary dance as well as theatre music. She has won competitions and has also been performing jazz standards with gifted young harpist Maria Rindenello-Parker in Greater Boston area as ‘Soo & Maria’.

Soo Han
Soo Han

The major draw of Soo Han’s latest recording, entitled, “I Don’t Want You Anyway”, is not just in its accessibility and its relevancy, it’s the melody. Remember the time when music was popular because the songs had such indelible melodic structures; distinctive tunes that most people could hum and tap their toes to?

Soo Han tries, on this track, to bring melody back to music. And in this regard, she has excelled. This female empowerment song, utilizes a finger-snapping groove over its shimmering melody to great effect.

From its retro piano reverbs, the hand clapping rhythm, and the insanely catchy melody, “I Don’t Want You Anyway”, solidifies the fact that Soo Han is able to cross-pollinate styles and genres.

At times, you’ll feel catapulted back to the 40s, then rushed into the 50s, dragged into the 60s…only to be slammed back into the present day with a delicate urban touch. Most singers couldn’t pull this off, but Soo Han’s vocals modulate nicely between a kind of club-lounge quality and something akin to a modern-day pop diva. It’s entirely radio-friendly. “I Don’t Want You Anyway” is a solid first impression for a new artist who deserves to have a bright future.

Soo Han appears to be a very talented performer, a clever songwriter and a very good singer. She also seems to have an excellent sense of humor and a positive message lying underneath a clear moral on this song. All-round, the music is upbeat, catchy and fresh, while Soo Han’s voice is powerful and easy on the ears.


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